April 2024

Integrate? No, we will dominate!

(Monday blog)

Our rulers constantly bleat about it being the fault of us nasty, waaaccciiiisssttt Westerners that Third-World multi-cultural enrichers from the world’s most admired religion haven’t managed to integrate into our advanced liberal Western societies. And we’re forever being told that we need to do more to welcome the invading armies and we need to adapt to their wonderful ways – oppression of women, FGM, first-cousin marriages, cruel slaughter of animals, total submission to their God etc etc.

So, perhaps it’s refreshing when a leading member of the world’s most excellent religion makes it quite clear that he and his co-religionists are superior to us worthless, infidel Westerners and that it is the duty of every devout multi-cultural enricher from the world’s most peaceful religion to refuse to integrate into decadent Western societies.

Here are a few choice excerpts from the gentleman’s recent speech:

What we need to understand is that the battle between us and the West is an ideological battle. It’s an ideological battle. Everything we represent goes in total contradiction to what the West represents, because all of Islam is in opposition to secularism. They know this, and it is time that we did too.

We need to differentiate ourselves. We cannot accept an identity that has clearly destroyed humanity. Look around you. They are failures, and we know this. And we need to take an intimate look at what is happening in the West so we can better articulate what is happening to our Muslims. We need to understand that Islam is the solution to all the ills that have destroyed them. And if we seek to fit in, then we are part and parcel of the problem that is infecting the world at large. My dear brothers and sisters, this inferiority does not belong to us. It is not befitting of a nation who Allah has labeled the best nation. “You are the best nation that has come out of the people.” How dare you be inferior while at the same time Allah has given you the attribute of being the best nation….

My dear brothers and sisters, this idea of fitting in – we need to eliminate this from our vocabulary. Again, we are to stand out. We are a unique nation with a unique set of solutions. We are not to fit in. How dare the truth and the falsehood hold hands? How dare we think that fitting in is the sole purpose of this message? A Muslim may not choose which aspect of Islam to adhere to or to abandon. We have no choice in the matter. We find our Muslim brothers and sisters jumping on every bandwagon – DREAM, #MeToo, Black Lives Matter – every single bandwagon we can think of, attempting to solve these problems from within the confines of the same system that produces these problems, when we have our own set of solutions.

Can you imagine the Prophet of Allah standing alongside the LGBTQ community? Or with Pro-Choice? Or with the movements, the Occupy movements? Imagine the Prophet and his companions acting as if they are devoid of solutions, carrying ad hoc politics and contradictory messages. This is not who we are. Think about these actions that we see by our community leaders and measure them in accordance with the actions of the Prophet of Allah and his companions. And then the picture will be clear.

And when we look at our leaders in our community, they have engaged in the secular process. They have clearly sided with haram laws. Many of them have promoted policies that undermine Islam. They have sided with agendas such as countering extremism and the war on terror, or even recognizing the Zionist occupation.

And our communities do what? They silence voices that speak against the war on terror. They silence voices that speak against the secular narrative on Islam. They silence voices that speak against integration.

The only way to stand up against the state and its policies is by having your own state and its policies.

Islam was not sent to spread liberal values. Muhammad was not a secularist, not a feminist, not a pro-gay activist, and not a philosopher. He is the final messenger and the seal of prophets, and a mercy to mankind….

What do you say to that, dear virtue-signalling, holier-than-thou, Izlumophiliac liberals?

5 comments to Integrate? No, we will dominate!

  • Julia Green


  • Stillreading

    This has been evident to millions of ordinarily observant indigenous Westerners for several decades now, so why is it not evident to our Great Leaders, past and present – Macron, Merkel, Blair, Cameron, May? Or is it evident to them and, being evident, they nevertheless stubbornly pretend not to see? If so, why? Do they actually want to see the eventual destruction of everything the West represents – great art, literature, music, advances in science and medicine? Just how do they think the entire world will survive when this archaic, primitive, pre-Medieval cult, with its has gained predominance?

  • Stillreading

    ….when this archaic, primitive, pre-Medieval cult, with its subjugation of women and disdain for all Western education, medicine and agriculture, has gained predominance?

  • J G Fields

    The west has been on a suicidal course for years. Evidence is everywhere.
    We, the people, must change the present line of political thought.
    If we do not vote in a political party whose manifesto’s main line is to stop the march of
    Islam then we are doomed. We astonished the establishment on the 23rd of June, 2016.
    We can do it again.

  • William Boreham

    From Oriano Fallaci’s book – The Rage and the Pride Ms. Fallaci compares Islam to a “mountain which in one thousand and four hundred years has not moved, has not risen from the abyss of its blindness, has not opened its doors to the conquests of civilization, has never wanted to know about freedom and democracy and progress. In short, has not changed.” She warns that “from Afghanistan to Sudan, from Palestine to Pakistan, from Malaysia to Iran, from Egypt to Iraq, from Algeria to Senegal, from Syria to Kenya, from Libya to Chad, from Lebanon to Morocco, from Indonesia to Yemen, from Saudi Arabia to Somalia, the hate for the West swells like a fire fed by the wind. And the followers of Islamic Fundamentalism multiply like protozoa of a cell which splits to become two cells then four then eight then sixteen then thirty-two. To infinity.”

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