May 2024

It’s time to learn a new expression – “pathological altruism”

(Friday blog)

Hell has open borders

First, here’s sign seen outside a church in America:

I wonder if this sign is trying to tell us something?

Welcome to “pathological altruism”

Here are some wonderful people demonstrating for ‘open borders’:

They want 300 million or 400 million or perhaps 500 million or maybe even a billion or two probably violent, probably low-IQ, mostly illiterate, mostly unemployable, mostly West-hating Third-Worlders to be allowed to come to the West and destroy our countries, cultures and civilisation

Why would anyone be so stupid? Why would anyone be so utterly and suicidally stupid?

Here’s Paul Joseph Watson explaining a new disease that has infected the progressive, liberal, virtue-signalling, holier-than-thou elites, the mainstream media and their useful idiots on the left and among our braindead snowflake youth with their worthless university degrees in social justice and feminism and sexual politics and equality etc etc

The new disease is called “pathological altruism”.

Unless we can find a cure for “pathological altruism” the West will be destroyed. I suspect the only possible cure for “pathological altruism” might be a heavy dose of reality.

But by then it might be too late?

2 comments to It’s time to learn a new expression – “pathological altruism”

  • Alan Thorpe

    This is the new way that socialists are achieving their aim of taking over the world. When the socialist revolution in Russia did not spread into Europe the Frankfurt School set out a series of aims to disrupt Western society. Look them up. All their aims are now part of the strategy being followed by Western governments, driven by the masses who think they are doing the right thing, because they have been brainwashed into thinking that equality and human rights are the most important issues. Then add all the environmental activities which are mainly nonsense, the biggest of all being that we can somehow control the climate. First we invented God and now we think we are God.

    Immigration is a simple matter. Just open the borders to all, with the condition that they, and their offspring, will not receive any help of any kind from the country they move to. This will encourage trade, because traders will support themselves and that is all we need.

  • William Boreham

    Here’s our future and it’s inescapable.
    Sweden will remain Sweden, but just in name.
    And not long after the Sweden we knew dies – how long will England have?

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