July 2024

Useless drunk at NATO meeting

(Friday blog – 2)

Here’s a useless drunk at the recent NATO meeting.

And this useless drunk is the ruler of all Europe!!!!!!!!!!!!

I doubt the BBC and C4 News will be reporting this story – useless drunk at NATO meeting

I’ve now seen German and Dutch versions of the Drunk’s latest antics on YouTube. Of course, we plebs will be told that the Drunk has sciatica and the stumbling around like a drunk is due to medication. Do you honestly believe that?

5 comments to Useless drunk at NATO meeting

  • Daveh

    What a wonderful little vid, where on earth did u find that ?
    Admiration .

  • David Craig

    It was from the Daily Express website. But it was so good that I thought as many people as possible should see it for what it says about the utter uselessness of our political elites.

  • Daveh

    Ignore my last, just seen it in the MSM.

  • chris

    Why do so many politicians have serious character flaws? Where are the decent upright politicians? Juncker! yet another Deep State/Globalist ‘front man’ No wonder Trump was a long way away from this pathetic inebriate.

  • ItsAllOver

    Alasdair Mcleod,good as always,Britain is the past..finished,done.Spoke to a Korean war Veteran he said Englands Buggered. I think the sums it up. Better follow John Cleese example and leave , I think I will, genuinely I never dreamt in my worst nightmare that I would say that and mean it.

    (Thursday) President Trump comes to Britain on a much-anticipated visit. The political situation in Washington is very different from when Mrs May last visited. In Washington, President Trump appears to have successfully gained control of and tamed the Deep State, while in London the British permanent establishment has shown it still controls the nation’s elected representatives, despite the voters’ clear instructions in the Brexit referendum to leave the EU.
    Britain retreated into heavy socialism following the war, nationalising industries and imposing exchange controls.[i] Britain had left a post-war global banking and commercial vacuum for the Americans to fill. Britain then forced further decline upon herself through mismanagement of her economy and the imposition of crippling personal taxes. The conditions for Anglo-Saxon domination of the free world to move to Washington from London were handed to it on a plate.
    Trump’s whirlwind European tour, with just enough time to meet the Queen at Windsor and perhaps for a few rounds of golf at his golf-courses in Scotland has all Europe in a stir. He started with a two-day NATO meeting in Brussels and immediately admonished Mutti Merkel for not spending enough on NATO, while finding the money to invest in Russia’s Nord Stream II pipeline. For Trump, his meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki at the end of his tour is all about the future, while the EU and NATO are about the past.

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