April 2024

Was Assad really responsible for the chemical attack?

(Weekend blog)

I wouldn’t normally go to Russia Today (RT) TV for reliable news. But it is a bit worrying that the video below, predicting a ‘false flag’ chemical attack in Syria, was posted on Youtube on 17 March 2018 – a couple of weeks before the actual attack which has been blamed on Assad and which has given the US, UK and France a great excuse to bomb Syria.

After all, Assad was clearly winning the civil war and so had no reason to use chemical weapons just to kill a few civilians.

I’ll let you decide who is lying:


4 comments to Was Assad really responsible for the chemical attack?

  • chris

    Easy, Theresa May and Boris Johnson.

    Why the sudden rush to vilify Russia in March? perhaps because (as the Russians say) they knew MI6 was organising the ‘staged’ chemical attack in Ghouta at the behest of the Saudi’s and globalists in Washington.

    The so called rebels had agreed to leave Ghouta.

    Cui bono?

    Where is Yulia Skripal?

    please read Craig Murray’s blogs

  • Philip

    Yes Mr Murray has put into words what most people are thinking and saying. I’ve conducted my own straw poll and find no-one believes anything ‘our’ government is saying about either ‘chemical attacks.’ Boris Johnson is universally seen as buffoon. I hope the ‘thought police’ who are monitoring this blog pass on my sentiments.

  • chris

    I have already written to my MP, (Mr Gove) confirming that I will no longer vote conservative due to Messrs May and Johnson

  • twi5ted

    Debate seems to have moved on from is this real. But the reason behind it is either:

    1). Neocons are rising again. Bolton is back. Trump desperate.
    2). Neocons are falling. Last gasp. Huge deals done with trump to back this.

    Looking at the outcome it could be the later. The Syrian and Russians almost seem to have been at the planning table they gave them so much notice of what was about to happen.

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