July 2024

Some great stories today…….

But as I’ve had to stop blogging due to Britain’s new oppressive libtard censorship laws (see yesterday’s blog) I’ll have to stop.

Is that OK, constable? Or are you still going to arrest me, harass me and try to destroy my life on the instructions of your promotion-hungry chief superintendent as he tries to kiss the ass of his politically-correct superiors?

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  • zx80

    And in todays totally fake news, Hilary Clinton bids to be the first female ex presidential candidate to land on mars.
    Apparently training is going quite well despite the occasional blackout, twitch or nervous tick.
    Some problems have been reported due to Hilarys inability to tell the truth as evidenced during a simulated landing on the red planet when mission control queried Hilarys approach vector, the response from the capsule wasn’t as expected with the capsule crashing and burning as hilarys voice came through saying everything had gone to plan.

    A faithful simulation of the real world then.

    In tomorrows news, well we’ll just do what everyone else does and make shit up, demand some black or refugee privilege and say how racist everyone is.
    See you then.

  • Stillreading

    I am, as I indicated yesterday, frankly disgusted by the attitude and behaviour of today’s Plod. Admittedly what we oldies perceive as their failures are largely instigated by Government dictat – don’t offend the minorities (which collectively probably now constitute the majority), make sure you tick all the boxes and complete the two dozen or so pages of form required if you so much as stop anyone for questioning, turn a blind eye to “minor” offences, etc. Not to mention the closure of many local Police Stations, including the one in my village. Even our local so-called “Community Police” are now stationed eight miles away along permanently congested B road. Any emergency assistance required has to negotiate those same eight miles. In short, it’s open season for local criminals.

    When I was a youngster the Bobby on the Beat actually WALKED around the neighbourhood for which he was responsible. He knew by sight as well as reputation the local miscreants and didn’t have to think twice about grabbing them by the scruff of the neck or the ear and marching them home to their parents when he caught them misbehaving. No PC Brigade watching over everyone in those days. I grew up a mile or so outside a South Coast Cathedral city and on a Saturday evening I and my girl friends cycled (none of us dreamed of owning a car of course; we couldn’t even drive)to the city bus depot and left our bicycles in the racks before getting on a bus to one of the dance halls in neighbouring towns. We danced until after midnight, then the bus returned us to the depot and after bidding each other goodnight, we cycled home. We didn’t need to secure our cycles in any way; we were utterly confident they would be there when we returned. What a difference today!
    Following the – IMHO – utterly unjustified and indeed quite outrageous visit and threats I received last year from Plod, I lodged a complaint with the elected Police Commissioner for the Constabulary. As anticipated, the reply informed me that since this was “an operational matter” she could take no action and my letter was passed on to the Chief Constable (or one of his minions). I eventually received in a phone call as near to an apology – or justification – as I was likely to get, then, having more or less lost the will to live, I let it go.
    I am, though, left in no doubt that I, a now very elderly UK born and bred English woman, who has worked and paid taxes throughout life since starting work age sixteen, who has never (apart from the State Pension) lived off the state, who has never had any sort of criminal conviction, am effectively relegated to a position of third-class citizen. As far as my native country and my elected Government are concerned my sole function is to continue to pay up and shut up. I feel I have virtually no material rights and now even my right to speak my mind publicly has been taken from me.

    No one, though, can change what I think. When today’s snowflake generation wakes up to what has been allowed to happen in their name, there will be hell to pay. I doubt I shall be around to witness it, but my lovely grandchildren will be and I fear for them.

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