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Why no photos of dead children from Barcelona?

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As you probably know, a few people have been stabbed by a man in the Finnish city of Turku and two have died. The attacker was screaming something like “I love my snackbar” during the attack. However, the Finnish police claim that the attacker’s motive is “unknown” and for the moment they’re denying it was a terror attack. No doubt as usual we’ll be told in a few days that the man was “known to the police” and had “psychological problems”.

A tale of two boys

I’m sure you remember the story of Aylan Kurdi. He was a three year old boy whose drowned body was photographed on a beach in Greece and used by the virtue-signallers and politically-correct mainstream media to put pressure on governments to admit millions of violent, illiterate, often inbred, low-IQ, unemployable, parasitic, benefits-scrounging, West-hating refujihadis and rapemigrants. Here are two photos of Aylan Kurdi which were ruthlessly exploited by the ‘rapefugees-welcome’ brigade:

At first we were told that Aylan Kurdi and his family were Syrian refugees. But later we found out that his family had actually been living for about two years in peaceful Turkey. So, when they set off for Europe, they weren’t fleeing war and persecution. They were understandably just heading for a better life in a richer country. And that’s OK. But the lefties and libtards desperately tried to cover up the fact that the boy died because his father was an economic migrant, not a refugee.

Moreover, whereas with British shipwrecks it’s often a case of “women and children first”. With our friends from the world’s greatest religion it’s a case of “every man for himself and sod the women and children”.

Now let’s move on to the recent Barcelona attack. Here’s a photo of what I believe is a young boy mowed down by the ‘van of peace’:

But you won’t see this photo in any mainstream media. You won’t see this photo broadcast around the world. You won’t see the lefties and politically-correct demanding justice for this boy. Why not? Because he was killed by a bunch of refujihadis and it would be Eezlumophobic to publish this photo. Moreover, this photo  might make people understand the threat Merkel’s policy of race replacement by importing millions of refujihadis poses to Western civilisation and that’s something our rulers, the lefties and the libtards want to avoid at all costs.

So the photo of the Barcelona boy will never be shown by the biased mainstream media. The photo of the Barcelona boy will be ignored by the mainstream media.


Meanwhile, here’s a short video from Australia. I don’t know the story. But it appears that the white Australian must have upset one of his “new Australian” neighbours so they “visited” him to discuss the matter.

As I once half-heartedly enquired whether I could move to Australia and was told that I didn’t qualify, I find it mildly amusing to see the kind of people the Australian Government welcomed while telling me to get lost. Enjoy:

9 comments to Why no photos of dead children from Barcelona?

  • Joe Schmoe

    That is a sickening photo.

    The question is how do you combat the ideology?
    I don’t know.
    And can you ever win?
    And if so, what does winning look like?

    The reality is that we are stuck with this for
    a long long time to come.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  • Dave H

    I agree Joe,

    The sad part is we’ll never beat it;
    See Coudenhove-Kalergi plan and Agenda 21….. your blood will run cold.
    Spot on post David, sadly very true.

  • David Brown

    Re Previous posts -Kevin Crehan the bacon mosque man
    The PPO have replied to requests from myself and a number of others.
    It says – I can confirm the PPO is currently investigating the death of Mr Crehan. We where notified on 27/12/2016 and began an investigation into the circumstances. This was then suspended on January 2017 because of a related police investigation, and because we did not know the cause of Mr Crehan’s death. In June we where told the police investigation had concluded. We now have a target date of December 2017 for our initial report.

  • Tom

    This is why on social media we have to keep forwardng anf posting it. The MSM are part of the globalist agenda and are inciting much of what is turning intoa race war, we can guess who is funding them and why. This ine on reason the likes of Twitter and FB are messing channels by truthers and consrvatives whom are reporting this stuff, this is why the media is so blatantly biased. Hollywood is releasing a movie called ‘Detroit’ about theriots in Detroit, what a time to release such a film which is only going to raise tensions and bring the angry knuckle draggers out for revenge for something that happened years ago with nothing to do with todays generation. Does anyone ever read ‘The Independents’ tweets/ so biased and anti Trump, fine, I have no problem with them being far left but the fact they call themselves Independent. I am complaining to IPSO but I know nothing will happen. PS dave, I think Agenda 21 has been renamed Agenda 30.

  • bbb

    BYE,BYE Britain… I never realised how good it was took it for granted. Then the Multi Cult Marxists came and destroyed it all, biggest tragedy in a Millennia, May those that have brought this upon us suffer the most.

    Migrants sit in a boat during a rescue operation by the Italian navy off the coast of Sicily on Nov. 28. Italy is looking to revamp the way it handles the hundreds of thousands of migrants who arrive annually.

    The European Refugee Crisis is really completely out of control. The bulk of these people are by no means refugees. You see no women and children here in the boat – only young men. Now Spain is the new target and will overtake Greece as the second-biggest gateway for economic invader entering Europe by sea. The sudden surge in migration to Spain comes following a crackdown on human smuggling along the Libya-Italy sea route, which has been the main entry route to Europe. Africans are migrating to Europe because there is little to do at home. Egypt will grow to 100 million people while Nigeria to soon reach 400 million. Europe will be swallowed up whole as it was when the Roman Empire was subjugated by the Barbarians who crossed the Rhine River.

    When the Barbarians took over Europe, they at first issued coinage in the Roman tradition. But this began to rapidly diminish. Nevertheless, history is repeating. Europe is being swallowed up once again. By the time we see the other side of 2032, Europe will be a shadow of its former glory just as the main language of California will be Spanish not English. Things are definitely changing.

  • Andy Mcewen

    I think I will go and live in Poland, at least it will be safe to live there. Unlike the UK that the politicians have now made permanently and increasingly unsafe. Too late for the UK its doomed…

    Europe must “wake up,” urges Poland initerior minister Mariusz Blaszczak, telling state TV that “we are dealing with a clash of civilazations,” where Muslim enclaves form “support bases” for terrorists.

  • Karlmarx

    So Bannon’s gone from the White House, now the Goldman Globalists and their bankster friends have control of their fallguy.They own are the Federal Reserve Central Bank Of America(Privately owned by the Banksters, not controlled by the US treasury or politicians, quite the reverse of course. Now they are free to use their controlled media to foment trouble in America to confuse and keep the Sheeple at bay while they continue with their plans. Plans to try and destabilise the only thing in their way, Russia and China, they will lose, thank God.And of course their first line lapdogs have been told to send the Royal Navy to go Sabre rattling in the South China Sea for them .What a despicable country we have become. Yes I am sure China is scared witless of our Aircraft Carriers with out aircraft.

  • Baroness Bonkers

    I have just looked on the BBC website (sunday evening).
    On the Barcelona murders report, whilst long and beautifully written, they do not mention the I word or the M word at all.Nor do they mention snack bars.
    If one could post a comment (haha)I would help them a bit by saying it must be a group of blokes from Islington or Hamstead on a stag weekend what dun it.

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