July 2024

Whose side are they on?

For us or against us?

The question for today’s blog is whether Britains Moozerlums are mostly for us or mostly against us.

A few weeks ago, I pointed out that if official claims are true, then with 23,000 radicalised Mooozerlums in Britain, who apparently support terrorist attacks against us, then Britain’s anti-British Moozerlum potential army is larger than the military forces of some European countries.

The chart below lists the country, the size of the military, the population and the number of military personnel per 100,000 of population:

You’ll see two things from these figures

  • As stated above, Britain’s anti-British Moozerlums are more numerous than the military forces of several European countries
  • Britain has 7.7 radicalised Moozerlums per 100,000 of the Moozerlum population, whereas in most countries only about 2 to 3 people per 100,000 join the military

Before I get accused of waacciiisssmm and hate crimes and other such rubbish, please note that all I have done is to take official, widely-reported figures and tried to understand what they are telling us

‘Stupid Trump’!

Now let’s look at the question of whether they’re for us or against us from another angle.

One of the many ‘ludicrous’ claims made by democratically-elected US President Donald Trump during his election campaign was that there were more British Moozerlums fighting for ISIS than there were in the British armed forces.

Oh how the lefty libtards laughed at this preposterous assertion. Oh how they blasted Trump with their contemptuous, holier-than-thou scorn and their accusations of waaaccciiiissssmm.

But was Trump actually wrong? Let’s find out.

Even the BBC admits that around the time of Trump’s statement there were about 850 ‘British’ Moozerlums that had joined ISIL in order to try to kill those they considered enemies of Izlum and destroy Western civilisation. So, if the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation admits there were about 850, the real figure was probably a lot higher with some estimates suggesting it could be over 1,500. But let’s stick with the BBC’s very modest figure of 850.

Now what about the number of Moozerlums in the British armed forces? Here are the latest figures I could find:

Apologies that these are a bit difficult to read. But they show that there were about 650 Moozerlums signed up to defend our freedoms – 40 in the Navy, 560 in the Army and 50 in the RAF.

Hopefully readers will have noticed that the 650 ‘British’ Moozerlums in the British armed forces is less than the 850 ‘British’ Moozerlums fighting with ISIL.

So, let’s draw two quick conclusions:

  1. Trump was right – there were more ‘British’ Moozerlums fighting for ISIL trying to destroy our civilisation than there were in the British military prepared to fight to defend our civilisation
  2. While Moozerlums make up about 5% of the British population, they only make up about 0.4% of the British military. Our Moozerlum friends seem less than enthusiastic about defending the freedoms they enjoy in our country

The figures used in today’s blog are the best available figures. These are official figures. These are not figures made up by a sad, hate-filled waaccciiiisssttt.

I’ll leave it to my readers to decide what these figures are telling us about today’s multi-cultural Britain and the wisdom of our rulers enthusiastically encouraging hundreds of thousands more good folk from the world’s greatest religion to flood into our country every year.

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