July 2024

Double and double – that spells trouble

When a number keeps doubling, quite soon even a small number ends up becoming a rather large number.

I’ve shown this when pointing out that it doesn’t matter how much aid we give to Africa because out-of-control population growth will always mean that no country will ever have the resources to feed its people.

The populations of the poorest African countries double every 20 years or so:

But even that massive increase in people is nothing compared to the growth of the Moozerlum populations in many Western countries.

In the UK 2001 census, there were around 1.55 million of our friends from the Religion of Eternal Love and Harmony legally living in Britain. (We’ve no idea how many hundreds of thousands are here illegally). By the 2011 census, just 10 years later, this had almost doubled to around 2.8 million.

So, if we do a simple arithmetical projection that even a libtard should be able to understand, we get the following:

  • 2021 ~ 5.5 million
  • 2031 ~ 10 million
  • 2041 ~ 19 million
  • 2051 – Britain becomes a Moozerlumic state

That’s probably something our rulers and the BBC and Channel 4 News and other talking heads and opinion leaders forgot to tell us?

Of course, the rate of growth could slow down. Although with M*******d being the most popular child’s name in Britain now, there’s little evidence of any decrease in the relentless increase in this section of our population. Or the rate of increase could accelerate as millions of new arrivals to Europe decide to head for Benefits Britain for a life of taxpayer-financed luxury producing umpteen mini-Jihadis with their four or more wives.

So, I’d mark January 2051 in your diary. If you haven’t learnt to recite the Kooran in Arabic by then, you’re going to be in a very persecuted minority. If you’re a woman, you’ll be spending most of your life locked up in your home getting beaten and raped. And if you’re LGBT or whatever else is fashionable by then, you’d better take flying lessons and you’re likely to be thrown off a tall building and then stoned till your body is a shattered bloody mess.

Meanwhile, the invading armies keep pouring into Europe by land and sea eagerly assisted by our rulers and West-loathing, holier-than-thou, hug-a-rapemigrant lefties and supposed charities:

When civil war breaks out in a few European countries, at first the police and armed forces will side with invaders to oppress the indigenous white populations. And things will get bloody. But soon there could be a rebellion as some police and military decide to fight against, rather than for, the invaders and things will get very bloody indeed.

The lefties and libtards will rejoice over the destruction of Western civilisation as we’re dragged back to the Stone Age.

If there are any historians left alive after the inevitable slaughter, they’ll wonder why the West, which had everything, committed suicide.

Meanwhile, here are just a couple of minutes of Trump’s speech in Poland where he dares to pose the question our rulers are desperate to avoid – “does Western civilisation have the will to survive?”

7 comments to Double and double – that spells trouble

  • Ken Willians

    David, is your wesite being monitored by the authorities? If you try to view it over TOR it is unavailable. It is viewable via the normal web browsers not using TOR.

    Just curious.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Generations to come will wonder why we did not
    heed these warnings.

    An interesting piece by Richard Littlejohn today
    poses the questions about public housing and just who
    the heck lives there and ponders just how many
    illegal immigrants are living in this country.
    And why successive governments do nothing to address
    this problem.

  • Theophilus

    Now, if you wrote a book, with key facts and evidence, based on material of this nature, I would buy this!

  • david brown

    re The Littlejohn article in today’s Daily Mail. Before the tragic events the tower itself with its multi-ethnic tenants and the fact that we do not know the real numbers of people living there a symbol of many inner cities in microcosm.
    Our host gives figures for population growth in some African countries. What are the true numbers for the current population of England? They do not know how many actually lived in the Tower. More than a decade ago some major food retail chains canvasing for more 7/11 outlets produced figures suggesting the UK population, based on basic food consumption was way above 70 million.
    Even the official figure , not for the UK , but England shows it having more people per square mile than India and China.

  • David Craig

    Yes, my website is being checked by PC Plod every day. Apparently as there’s no crime in Britain, Plod has nothing better to do. In fact, I’ve even had two Plods come round to my home to threaten me and demand I tone down what I write.

    As for writing any more books (as one reader suggests) no chance. Why write books when your readers are too tight-fisted to buy them!!!!!

  • I haven’t been reading your site long but have bought your book, to be truthful I would happily contribute in the form of a cheque but so few sites appear to accept cheques, damn annoying. Anyway just to let you know you’re very entertaining and I look forward to reading you every morning.

  • Theophilus

    Based on this theme, I certainly would, as I have bought others! A most interesting article. You write well on this and it is, in my opinion, valid and relevant for the here and the now!

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