July 2024

Get Trump! Destroy Trump! They’re going to impeach, but are still trying to find a crime!

One of the most alarming attacks on democracy at the moment is happening not in North Korea, not in South Africa and not even in Zimbabwe. They’re all hopeless, worthless basket-cases anyway.

This attack on democracy is happening here in the West, in the USA.

When Trump was elected, the lefty, libtardish Clintonistas couldn’t believe that voters didn’t do as they were told and vote for the repulsive Crooked Hilary Clinton. But within a couple of days of Trump’s victory, the libturds were already screaming “not my president” and demanding Trump’s impeachment:

And so the lefty arseholes started running around like headless chickens howling and yelling for impeachment:

The problem was (and still is) you need a reason to impeach a president. Not liking him is not sufficient grounds. And so the libturdish Clintonistas and snowflakes started desperately scrambling around for a reason to impeach the President who incredibly won the election against all the opposition from the mainstream media, the Republican Party and in spite of the (IMHO) piece of excrement Clinton spending 10 to 20 times as much money on her campaign as Trump did:

Finally, with the supposed “Russia connection” the democracy-hating, West-hating libturds thought they had the ‘great crime’ they could use to bring down Trump:

But there was still a problem – there wasn’t any evidence. When the establishment stooge (fired FBI Director Comey) was supposedly testifying before Congress, he was repeatedly asked “do you believe that Trump conspired with Russia to influence the election result?” To which, of course, he answered “yes”. But he was never asked “do you have any evidence that Trump conspired with Russia to influence the election result?”

Why not? Because there wasn’t any.

Never mind – a complete lack of evidence has not stopped the Establishment crusade to destroy Trump. Now the Establishment have hit upon the brilliant idea of appointing one of Comey’s lifelong friends, Robert Mueller, to lead an investigation into the crime that didn’t happen:

But rather then trying to find the non-existent evidence, Mueller has chosen instead to try to prove that Trump blocked the investigation into the crime that never happened in the hope that this will bring Trump down.

I don’t believe Trump can survive this unrelenting onslaught.

The Republicans had a massive opportunity after winning control of both Houses and the White House. They could have supported Trump and pushed through huge changes in America after the disastrous 8 years of bumbling Obama. But instead the Republicans, by turning on Trump and helping the libturds against the President, have committed a massive act of self-harm. One of the worst offenders on the Republican side is Crazy John McCain whose personal loathing for Trump is legendary.

In the 2018 mid-term elections, the Republicans will probably be slaughtered. Then, when the Democrats sweep back into power, Trump will be impeached on some made-up offence.

In both the USA and the UK, we are at critical points in our history where our very civilisation is under attack. The political elites could have chosen to co-operate for the good of their countries – in the USA by rallying round their democratically-elected President, in the UK by providing a united front to the undemocratic, corrupt, wasteful EU.

But instead of co-operating, our rulers decided to fight their petty personal feuds weakening us against our enemies.

I hope we never forgive them.

(Meanwhile, I note that with the latest van attack in London, “the world’s safest city” according to Mayor Khan, the English Civil War many of us have long been predicting is starting slowly but surely. I also note that none of the mainstream newspapers reporting on the attack are allowing their readers to comment. Freedom of speech anyone!)

5 comments to Get Trump! Destroy Trump! They’re going to impeach, but are still trying to find a crime!

  • david brown

    The Deep state which controls via its puppets much of both US political parties has a hidden agenda. part of the Globalists plan is for a cashless world. The owner of pay pal was advocating such in the Telegraph.

  • Chris

    Following the incident at a London mosque, I trust the parishioners will turn the other cheek and start the usual weeping and candle vigil with an occasional teddy bear.

  • NoMore

    63 million Trump voters will be rightfully angry if this impeachment nonsense forces him out.

    As for this alleged van “terrorist” the rush to judgement has been dangerously inflammatory. The narrative may just as easily have been: Muslim collapses in street with heart attack, other Muslims swarm all over the street holding up traffic unnecessarily. Van driver drives up on to pavement to try and get past and is pulled out and assaulted by angry Muslims (are there any other kind?) who are obstructing him. Who knows until the Police have investigated it. Muslims lie but CCTV doesn’t.

  • zx80

    I dont think Trumpy is the kind of guy who will allow himself to be abitrarily shoved out of office by a bunch of pinkos.

    All those who voted for him arent going to sit idly by while trumped up charges ( no pun) are used to install the fetid shitebag clinton or her offspring, cos theres one big difference between us in leftland britain and the good ol us of a, Guns!
    And theyll definitely use them as per the constitution to prevent tyranny being imposed upon them by anyone.
    I wish them the very best in their pursuit of freedom from leftism, the cancer of reason.

  • Normal person

    Loved his curtsy to the Saudis. He looked like a big girl getting his necklace proclaiming his appointment to the order of the tyrant or something. Absolutely NOT in conflict with his pre election hoohaa

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