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Sadiq Khan – you are a disgrace and a traitor and should resign!

Who has received the most criticism on the mainstream media since the latest so-called London attack? The so-called Izlumic State? So-called ‘British’ Moozerlums? Or fairly-elected US president Donald Trump?

Well, of course, the answer is obvious. More bile has been spewed against Donald Trump than has been directed at those actually responsible for the so-called attack. As usual, the response of the mainstream media has been to ‘shoot the messenger’ (vilify the person who dares to tell the truth) while desperately looking for excuses to gloss over who or what is really responsible for the mayhem and murder.

Over the last few years, every time there was a Moozerlum attack, the mainstream media would lash out at so-called Nigel Farage accusing him of “racism” and “bigotry” and “spreading division”. The aim of the mainstream media’s invective was to suggest people like him were somehow responsible for low-IQ, inbred, violent, intolerant Moozerlums slaughtering innocent Brits. But now Donald Trump is in the White House instead of the lefty libtards’ favourite, Crooked Hilary Clinton, the mainstream media have a new target for their fatuous, dishonest, red-faced apoplexy.

But it’s quite entertaining to look at readers’ comments to articles attacking Trump. They’re almost all in support of Trump for daring to say what our useless so-called rulers are terrified of admitting.

Meanwhile back here in so-called Great Britain or the so-called United Kingdom, commentator Katie Hopkins seems to have replaced Nigel Farage as the lefties’ newest hate-target. Much to the delight of the libtards, Hopkins has been fired by LBC (London Burkha Communications).

But thankfully, she hasn’t been totally silenced. And here she is heaping scorn on London’s useless so-called Mayor – Sadiq “terrorism is a normal part of big city life” Khan – and spelling out the actions we want our so-called Government to take although everyone knows that the so-called Government’s only response will be a further clamp-down on anyone daring to criticise uncontrolled immigration, the Izlumization of Britain and the Cult of Mayhem and Murder:

11 comments to Sadiq Khan – you are a disgrace and a traitor and should resign!

  • Longbow

    Last year, I received a video entitled ‘Prime Minister marks Eid al-Adha in message to British Muslims. Did anyone see it? If you can let me have an e-mail address, I will forward it.
    You will need to have a sick bag at the ready.

  • Twi5ted

    Katie Hopkins is a very brave lady and I enjoyed her radio show – no coincidence LBC ratings have gone through the roof since they employed her and Farage.

    Trump is rich enough to ensure his own survival of course. But Katie, like Geert was, is relying on the state for protection.

  • freedum

    The dishonest and dangerous response of Theresa May’s UK government to the horrific terrorist attacks of the past month is unfortunately all too common when it comes to those in power. Rather than look inward at the glaring shadiness and corruption inherent throughout UK government polices, its “leaders” are looking to use these barbaric acts as a excuse to push through an authoritarian and illiberal expansion of state power. Specifically, Theresa May’s government is despicably using the attacks to push for regulation and censorship of the internet.


  • Son of a miner

    Khan will never resign..hes the good moslem, the moderate moslem. Hes more of a danger than the extremists!! At least with the extremists they openly declare war on us so can be dealt with accordingly..khan on the other hand is more sly about islamic goals..my opinion is that there is no conflict in islam ..moderate v extremist..doesnt exsist..folk need to wake up..islam is islam…

  • david brown


    GO TO YOUTUBE and type in – Prime Minister Theresa May marks Eid al-Adha

  • Libtard


    Do you want an all-out war?
    Does Jesus talk to you and whisper the pleasures of Genocide in your ear?

  • Baroness Bonkers

    Can someone please tell me why the names and pictures of these terrorist losers have to be splashed all over the media. Are they celebrities? No, they are pathetic losers living in the wrong country. They, their parents or grandparents came to UK for a better life but most have ended up being nobodies in some ghastly ghetto. Those that have done well for themselves are living far away both in distance and lifestyle. Some are even the mayor of London.
    When these losers have been stopped in their terrorist tracks all I want to know is what religion they were (as I need to know if there are rampaging Buddhists on the loose) and how painfully they died. I don’t want pictures of them or to know their names. Just that they are dead. I also think that they should be shot many times in their nether regions so they cannot do to the supposed virgins what they had intended. They will be losers forever.
    So, shall we say Thursday for the next outrage? Where? How many killed and injured? We will not be broken. We will if we keep on electing the same type of pathetic career politicians rather than some with balls.

  • Longbow

    Thanks to David Brown. I am told that Theresa May’s video had received only 359 hits and I was wondering if it could be forwarded to this site to reach a wider and more discerning audience.

  • zx80

    June 6, 2017 at 10:53 am

    “Do you want an all-out war?
    Does Jesus talk to you and whisper the pleasures of Genocide in your ear?”

    Well it would appear that you and your fellow “Tards” on the left seem to want precisely that.
    Jesus? isnt he mexican? has nothing to do with it.
    Why else insist on trying to push together two polar opposites in order to generate some bastardized vision of a nation?
    Its not going to work due to one of the lefts most overused buzzwords; Diverity.
    The issue being that the two groups are just TOO diverse to make it work, the differences run too deep.
    The very thing these champagne swilling socialists and extreme leftists celebrate ( they f*cking love that word) is the one thing that is ensuring its failure.
    Celebrate your difference all you like but just dont expect peace,health and long life to result.

    Loving the “Tard” badge youre wearing with pride tho, its so you.

    In other news, just what is it with these idiots being interviewed?
    They seem to not know why or how such a “nice boy” could do such terrible things.
    They cant figure out why the attacker/s never showed any prior tendencies.
    Its a real Agatha Christie mystery to them.

    Allow me to enlighten them.
    Its because theyre SURPRISE! attackers you numbF*cks!
    Theyre not going to tip their hand and show you what theyve got before they play the game, even thickos should be able to grasp that concept.
    Theyd be losing the advantage of SURPRISE! by broadcasting their intentions. Duh!
    I mean, just to labour the point a little, if your next door neighbour kept shouting his gob off in the street about what he was going to do next week at a bar or train station then he’d likely not get very far because he’d lose the SURPRISE! aspect of the attack and get less victims. Double duh!

    But then again, we have tended to see some of these wankers out in the streets and the likes of the “Libtard” here havent batted an eyelid cos theyre scared of being called racist innit.
    Id rather be called racist than be called dead due to terrorism by an unfairly favoured religious group if its all the same to you, call me Mr Picky if you like.

    Watching some muslim “moderate” called Mansoor iirc the other day, I listened intently to his POV and to be fair to him he was making quite a lot of sense, until.
    Until he gobbed out this little nugget, that integration is a two way street.
    I should have guessed that such a pile would be spat forth, hes just like all the others, pretends to be one thing while being something else.

    Apparently his view is that you go to someone elses country and they have to integrate with you.
    I thought that when you go to a new country, to start anew, to start again, to start with a new begining youd leave all your baggage and bullshit from your previous life at the door and fit in with your adopted, tolerant, welcoming hosts and “integrate” with them.
    But no. Apparently we’re supposed to lose our identity ( in our own country) and adopt the beliefs, language and practices of those who come here.
    Seems a little bass ackwards to me.
    I went abroad for a week, just a week and spent the preceeding six months learning as much of their language as i could, for just a one week stay.
    Maybe im wrong but isnt that the way its supposed to be?
    I didnt expect them to adapt to my language or ways, why are muslims and islam so much a special case?
    Im all ears.

  • Libtard

    Yeah, I’m sure this Khan mayor personally planned this whole operation out, step-by-step. I’m sure he purchased the knives and placed them into the hands of his “foot soldiers” too.

    Then again, you’all know that when Obama was president HE did Sandy Hook etc. as a ploy to take away our guns…
    All them false-flag black-ops fun-runs! Too bad he couldn’t stay in power long nuff to put those FEMA internment camps (built in shutdown Walmart stores) into action. And all them there black helicopterz.

    Better watch your back while yer readin this here cuz my Libtard Comrades be a-seeing yer hard drivez.

  • zx80

    Ok Libtard, ok, calm down deary, youll blow a gasket if you keep this up.

    Now, do be a good fellow and get yourself ready for the voting tomorrow, Im sure Diane “Ill” Abbot is standimg by in her hospital bed waiting for yer vote.

    Unless of course one of your tolerant isis pals blows himself and the polling station up….

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