June 2024

Brilliant! Trump has the courage to stand up to the Man-made Global Warming Scam!

Total horror around the world! Guardianistas and lefty libtards are reeling with shock! US President Donald Trump has honoured a pre-election promise! He has withdrawn the US from the farcical Paris Climate Agreement

First, just a quick reminder of the four main terms of the Paris Agreement:

  1. It sets a global goal of keeping global average temperatures from rising 2 degrees C (compared to temperatures pre-Industrial Revolution) by the end of the century.
  2. It sets a non-binding agreement for countries to reach peak greenhouse gas emissions “as soon as possible.”
  3. It adds a framework for countries to become more aggressive in reaching those goals over time. In 2020, delegates are supposed to reconvene and provide updates about their emission pledges, and report on how they’re becoming more aggressive on accomplishing the 2 degree goal.
  4. It asks richer countries to help out poorer countries: to give them $100bn to supposedly “invest in green technologies”, but also to help them brace for a changing world.

Now, four main reasons the whole thing is a scam:

  1. We now know that all the computer models showing ‘hockey’sticks’ and rapidly-rising temperatures were based on corrupted data aimed at proving something that wasn’t even happening. Moreover, none of the apocalyptic predictions of the Warmies have come true from supposedly melting Himalayan glaciers to ‘our children would never see snow’
  2. President Obama’s so-called ‘scientific adviser’ on Global Warming, John P. Holdren, became famous in the 1970s when he predicted a new Ice Age in which Global Cooling would lead to crop failures throughout the Northern Hemisphere and the starvation of millions. However, this ‘expert’ soon changed his tune when he saw which way the wind was blowing and became an ardent (and well-paid) supporter of the theory of Man-made Global Warming
  3. The claim that “97% of scientists agree that Global Warming is caused by human activity” is also based on a lie. I explain this massive lie in detail in my blog of September 2013
  4. A key aspect of the Paris Agreement is for the world’s richest and least corrupt countries to give $100bn to the world’s poorest and most corrupt countries, supposedly for them to invest in ‘green technologies’, Anyone with more than half a brain knows that this $100bn will actually be invested in corrupt Third-World kleptocrats’ offshore bank accounts. As I have pointed out many times in my videos and books, the only reasons poor countries are poor are the stupidity of their people and the incompetence and greed of their rulers.

Trump has dared to declare that Islamic terrorism was “Islamic”, while our rulers insisted it was “international terrorism” which had “nothing to do with Islam”.

While UK rulers have only prevented one single West-hating Jihadi to return from fighting for ISIS, Trump has tried to protect the American people who elected him by imposing temporary travel bans on people from 7 countries Trump saw as a threat to the USA.

And now, Trump has had the backbone to piss upon that great modern-day fake religion – Man-made Global Warming. It’s a day for rejoicing.

But I fear that it’s also a day that has helped seal Trump’s fate. This latest rejection of Establishment lies will hasten the efforts of the Deep State and its docile mainstream media to have Trump impeached and humiliated.

The Establishment knows it is losing control and its fightback will be brutal.

8 comments to Brilliant! Trump has the courage to stand up to the Man-made Global Warming Scam!

  • NoMore

    Like King Cnut in 1000 or so Trump knows that Man has no more power to stop global temperatures from rising 2C, if that’s the way things go, than he has to stop the tides. Possibly something to do with that gigantic superheated gas ball a few million miles away.

  • MGJ

    If we believe everything the UN and the Warmists tell us and further assume that every country meets all of its obligations under the treaty, a hundred trillion dollars of wealth destruction between now and 2100 is claimed to produce an ‘improvement’ in global temperature of…wait for it…0.3 degrees C.

  • Chris

    I think GW/CC is a scam too but if its not no one seems to have seriously considered the benefits of increased levels of atmospheric CO2 and global warming.

    CO2 is not a poisonous gas but the essential food of plants. There are already studies in various arrid parts of the world which show increases in ‘greening’ and which oxygenate the atmosphere and increase food production thus off-setting the vast amount of crops grown for bioethanol fuel.

    There is another point. In many parts of the densely inhabited world cold is a more frequent killer than heat. In the UK many more aged people die of hypothermia than heat stroke.

    Also the UK produces 1% of the world’s man made emissions, the US produces 14%. In my view we are not the culprits. China & India produce nearly 40% so whatever the UK does to reduce CO2 emissions it is piffling.

  • Libtard

    This takes the cake.

    Then again, this is surely a “Birther” site (among other things).
    I’m sure if Trump said the world is flat and Evolution is a hoax you’d all stand up and applaud, too.

    No intelligent life here.

    Science is DEAD.

  • David Craig

    Science proves that the whole Man-made Climate Change is a hoax. How could the person who used ‘science’ to predict a new Ice Age change his mind and use ‘science’ to predict Global Warming?

  • Chris

    Science supports the idea of global warming because CO2 is (amongst the likes of methane and water vapour) a “greenhouse” gas. That is when added to the atmosphere in trace amounts (.00040%) it make the atmosphere behave like a green house. Greenhouses trap solar radiation because as the radiation transits glass it changes from long wave to short wave radiation. Glass barely transmits short wave radiation so the energy is trapped.

    The religion called Climate Change is not based on the science which clearly shows that more CO2 will cause some warming but on computer predictions (GIGO) of global warming. So far these predictions have failed to be even remotely close to the actual outcome. The resultant amount of warming presently (i.e for the last 50 years) is hardly worth measuring.

    The fear of devastation due to anthropogenic global warming is just based on a computer prediction. It is one of many fear mongering scams perpetrated on our civilisation by the media, big business and politicians.

  • Stillreading

    Are the Global Warming aficionados able to explain how it was that around 1500 years ago pioneering Scandinavians left their homelands for Greenland, where they were able to FARM, becoming self-sufficient and raising crops and cattle? Were there hoards of “little green men” or unbelievably advanced humans, scooting around in their 4 x 4s, consuming carbon-based fuels and thereby raising the ambient temperature? After a few hundred years the climate of Greenland changed – became colder – and the Scandinavians had to abandon their enterprises and return to their original homelands. Now it seems things are warming again. As another responder has said, it’s all down to solar activity. In the last millennium there have been two very cold episodes in the English climate – the Dalton and the Maunder minimums. As for distant parts (in the past aka “The Orient”), climate-based disasters which may have occurred went unreported. Modern communications have a great many advantages but also have a great deal to answer for.”Climate Change” is a marvellous jolly for those faux-scientists and their puppet politicians who swan around the world, in their costly (often private|) jets, wining and dining and emitting tons of CO2, to lecture the rest of us on how we should live our lives. What we COULD and SHOULD do globally is plant more trees and stop concreting over every available bit of earth in order to house a burgeoning global population. But of course, that would require some sort of population control (aka birth control) particularly in those parts of the world where, despite sequential famines, the birth rate and population continue relentlessly to increase. Not “politically correct” to talk about that of course!
    Digressing somewhat, if Theresa May wishes to have a chance of a reasonable majority next week, here are my suggestions:
    Cancel all foreign aid and divert the funds to the NHS and to the care for our own old people, many of whom have paid taxes all their lives and never received any cash from the State.
    Ensure that the NHS is a NATIONAL, not an INTERNATIONAL health service.
    Take necessary steps to maintain Law and Order on our streets.
    Ensure that ALL children resident in the UK are compelled to receive an education in line with traditional British, nominally Christian, values. This would include compulsory attendance at “collective acts of Christian worship” and the banning of all clothing which immediately both singles children out as “different” and also physically inhibits them from participating in activities which require the ability to move their bodies and limbs freely.
    I could go on, but that would do for a start!

  • zx80

    Quote” Libtard
    June 2, 2017 at 10:16 am

    I’m sure if Trump said the world is flat and Evolution is a hoax you’d all stand up and applaud, too.

    No intelligent life here.

    Science is DEAD.”

    Funny you should dare to mention the word “science” in comparison to global warming orthodoxy, because the scientific method actually has died due to Pal review process, dodgy data practicies and downright bullshit peddled as fact by such brains as yourself.

    The example you drew regarding flat earth belief is a good one though, because consensus scientists ( youre obviously a supporter of the recent supposed 97% consensus) all said it WAS flat.
    Remind us again how that worked out?
    Darwin was right, religion is bull.

    But thankfully, Trump has done what the rest of the worlds so called “leaders” should have done and told the green blob to go f*ck itself.

    Global warming religion is more akin to muslim islamic fundamentalism than any kind of science, you get more scientific material in the bloody tellytubbies!
    And theyve got a frigging idiot windymill as well..
    Threats made to scientists because they wont cave in and do what pro warmists want, funding removed, peer review process subverted, wikipedia pages doctored, media and political complicity in promoting only one side of the argument….i could go on but youd probably blow a c02 induced gasket. Mr Tard.

    The following comes from the IPCC but since erased from history because the passage didnt support the “cause” ( so much for science then).
    “Finally we come to the most difficult question of all: ‘When will the detection and unambiguous attribution of human-induced climate change occur ?’
    The answer to this question must be subjective, particularly In the light of the very large signal and noise uncertainties discussed in this Chapter, it is not surprising that the best answer to this question is ‘We do not know’.

    Guess what Lib-Turd? They STILL dont know!

    Other Tards say other silly things also, stuff like “you can feel the heat in the summers nowadays”…really?
    The human body cant detect 0.0001c temperature rises….
    Animals and plants cant adjust to such rapidly changing temperatures… Really? Since it can change 50 degrees C in one day id suggest thats wrong as well….

    Other green nobs (Viner) come out with ” your children wont know what snow is”….
    Anyone remember winter 2010 still? Snow all over the shop. Oh my.

    The best one was when the acclaimed idiot Chris Turney, went to the antarctic to prove all the ice had melted due to climate change….and then got stuck in it. Along with the chinese and ozzie rescue vessels and then spouted that this is “totally in line with expected predictions due to global warming” har har f*cking-har, Priceless.

    The main reason to disbelieve in CC/AGW/MMGW (whatever theyre calling it this week) apart from the lack of any untainted, reliable evidence is simply the hype factor.
    Look at how its been promoted.
    Its simply the old high pressure sales technique wrapped up in a fancy green frock.
    Buy it now! One only! Be quick! Must end! One chance only! vs 50 days to save the planet! The science is settled! C02 is killing us! The planet is dying! We must act now!
    Hype. Pure and simple.
    As for anecdotal evidence, thats even more unreliable than the so called science of climate change.
    Its hotter, its colder, its wetter its drier, its stormier, is snowier… no, its bullshit!

    Climate changes, absolutely, always has and always will, but to categorically state that humans have in just 200 years so adversely affected the climate is nonsense as only 50 years of satellite observations are available theyre the most reliable and show no measurable warming.


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