May 2024

They said it was “multi-culturalism”, but they lied. They said they were “refugees”, but….

Supposed “fake news” is a hot topic at the moment for the mainstream media. And today Facebook has apparently placed expensive full-page ads in the main newspapers advising us how to spot what they call “false news”.

But what is “fake news” or “false news”? And who is lying to us? The alternative (usually Internet-based) news sites like the wonderful Breitbart and my own humble efforts. Or the mainstream media?

For decades we have been fed a torrent of lies by the mainstream media.

For example, multi-culturalism has been shoved down our throats. And who could argue with the proposition that different cultures could live happily alongside each other? But we didn’t get multi-culturalism. Instead Islamification was forced on us:

They told us that ships from the EU and charities were “rescuing” drowning migrants. But they weren’t “rescuing” anyone. They were just sitting just outside Libyan territorial waters providing a free ferry service to Europe to anyone who wanted to come:

And around six thousand African benefits-scrounging migrants availed themselves of our free ferry service last weekend alone.

Then they told us we had to accept up to two thousand helpless “child refugees” from the appropriately-named Jungle in Calais. But, of course, most weren’t “child refugees”, they were fully grown adult migrants of military age:

And the more who arrive, the higher the rape and other crime figures will rise.

And now we hear that it’s good news that the EU’s and Angela ‘Mad Cow’ Merkel’s candidate for the French presidential elections has soundly beaten a supposedly right-wing quasi-fascist. But what the mainstream media has been desperately failing to report is the extraordinary level of migrant violence across Paris.

Oh, and when Merkel’s new French poodle, banker Macron, walked on stage at his victory rally  last night, they played the EU anthem (Beethoven’s Ode to Joy) rather than the French national anthem, the Marseillaise. So, we’re already beginning to see where europhiliac Macron’s real loyalties lie – and they’re not with his country.

Anyway, in case you were considering a trip to the French capital, perhaps the scenes in the video below (only available on the Internet and not reported in the mainstream media) will make you reconsider?

I agree with Facebook. There’s plenty of “fake news” or “false news” out there. But most of it comes from the BBC and Channel 4 and the main newspapers. Increasingly the Internet is the only place we can find out what’s really going on. And that’s why our rulers in London and Brussels and Berlin are urgently pressuring the main Internet companies with threats of fines and even criminal charges to censor what they publish. If this carries on, soon the only news we’ll have will be officially-sanctioned, mainstream media fake news.


6 comments to They said it was “multi-culturalism”, but they lied. They said they were “refugees”, but….

  • Libtard

    You’re wasting your time on here. You should be out there blowing the brains out of these violent inbred psychotic (etc. etc.) animals.

    Or are you all talk and no action?
    All bark and no bite?

  • AntiLibtard

    Dont need to blow their brains out just send them back where they came from.Are YOU going to pay for their welfare and the tribe each one brings with them.Immigrants should be able to support themselves and work , receive no benefits till they have paid in or bring wealth with them and be of benefit to this country not a Benefits Seeker , if they havent got anything to contribute that we need then tough welcome to the real world , its a tough world everyone isnt a winner .What makes you think we can afford it , we are worse than utterly broke.And the bill has just thud onto the door mat, even you Libtard will be surprised now that Creditism is over,someone will have to pay,its going to be a doozy , like Mrs Thatcher said Socialism is great till you run out of other peoples money, well I have news for you real news not fake news we just ran out of borowed , printed , scammed thieved money laundered by the City.

    Why should we look after the worlds poor and treat them on the World Health Service.10 years probably a lot less you will see the results Libtard.You will slink off and say nothing then.Broken, broke excuse for a country devoid of its own intentionally destroyed Culture and decency. Replaced by PC specifically designed to shut down free speech.Well done Libtard you and your ilk managed to break what wasnt broken.Look around does it look Like England or an enforced melting pot, tell me one place where Multiculturalism has worked why do it anyway, why keep failing and destroying good countries for false ideology.Birds Of A feather Stick Together and always will regardless of what crap the government and their bought and paid for Media try to convince us otherwise.
    Libtards Ha I shat, em

  • NoMore

    @AntiLibtard +1000

  • Libtard

    Libtards have something you don’t possess.
    One word called Compassion.
    Never forget this.

    YOUR lot includes the Nazis, Mafia, and KKK.
    You and Only You matter–all other human beings are, well, NOT human beings.

    And you’ll be the first to cry when the shoe is on the other foot, when you’re cast out and in need.
    And all it takes is a Label to do that.

    If you take a good look at yourselves, you’re not all that different from the Muslims. In place of Allah you have Christ. And you Envy the Control their religion has over their bodies and society; oh, if only Christianity had imposed compulsive prayer every day!
    Bring back the Old Testament and it’s not that different at all…

    So why don’t you just round up all the Muslims and put them to death in gas chambers.
    This site is virtually Dedicated to Justifying that!

  • NoMore

    And your lot include Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot.

    Christians show compassion. Libtards show how virtuous they are, Musl!ms show hatred and intolerance. They will be the ones putting YOU in the gas chamber.

  • Libtard

    Banks get robbed.
    There are banks everywhere, each with the potential of being robbed.
    Solution: Close all banks! Problem solved!

    Same reasoning.

    P.S. Libtards are also on the side of Science not Religion. Better look up that word Science and see what it’s done for your lifestyle. Maybe rounding up all the Libtards/Scientists and putting them in gas chambers would solve all of Your problems quickly and efficiently.

    And I see Christian Compassion as more channels go over to the Right and install a televangelist to preach to poor sods that they have to send their life savings in to be Saved. So much for the title of this website.

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