May 2024

Immigration does NOT lead to increased crime!!! Pope is NOT catholic!!! Bears do NOT sh……..

What would you say has been the biggest change in England and Wales over the last 5 to 6 years? Global warming? Probably not. The improvements in our ‘world class’ education system? Not sure. Or the arrival of 46,000 migrants every month; about 550,000 a year; over 2.5 million over the last 5 years?

I think the last one sounds like the most significant.

But how can we tell what effect the arrival of all these wonderful people has had on our country? What about looking at crime figures? After all, they might give an indication of the health of our society and the benefits of the multi-cultural enrichment we’re getting from our rulers’ race replacement policies.

Rape: 15,892 rapes reported in 2010 (44 a day) rose to 39,335 reported rapes in 2016 (108 a day). The number of rapes more than doubled. Oh dear. That’s not so good.

All sexual offences: 53,006 in 2010 (145 a day) shot up to 116,012 in 2016 (318 a day). Again these crimes more than doubled just since 2010

Violence: ‘only’ 699,011 cases in 2010 (1,915 a day) increased to 1,117,969 by the end of 2016 (3,063 a day) – an increase of 60%. Ouch!

Some types of crime did fall – burglary and vehicle-related crime for example.

Burglary: fell from 540,645 in 2010 (1,481 a day) to 404,282 by 2016 (1,108 a day) – a drop of 25%

Vehicle theft and theft from vehicles: fell from 494,873 in 2010 (1,356 a day) to 389,371 by 2016 (1,067 a day) – a drop of 21%

The fall in these types of crime could be because the new arrivals don’t like robbing homes and vehicles. But it is generally thought that the fall is due to much better home and car security systems.


Looking at the overall crime statistics for England and Wales, the rise from 4,338,295 in 2010 (11,886 a day) to 4,806,158 in 2016 (13,167 a day) – a rise of 11% doesn’t look too bad. It’s just a little higher than the increase in population.

But once you get down into the different types of crime, the picture isn’t so great – burglaries and vehicle-related crimes have fallen dramatically. But there has been a massive increase in rapes, overall sex crimes and violence.

Hopefully, including a few facts and figures in today’s blog has helped us assess the many ‘benefits’ of open-borders immigration. Don’t expect the BBC or Channel 4 or any mainstream media to report these unfortunate truths.

So, to answer the question “Does immigration lead to increased crime?” – the answer is “The Pope definitely is catholic!”

And as for the toilet habits of bears, I think you can guess the answer to that.

(Meanwhile, the mainstream media is reporting the important story of a Jack Russell being taken to the vet by its owner to have a sex change. Does that make it a “Jill Russell”? And does that make the owner a cruel idiot?)

6 comments to Immigration does NOT lead to increased crime!!! Pope is NOT catholic!!! Bears do NOT sh……..

  • Roy Hartwell

    And of course it has no bearing on the crisis in housing or the NHS !!

  • david brown

    Roy Hartwell – net immigration is the figure after the number of people who leave the UK is deducted from those who arrive.Close on a million extra people ever three years. The Green Party want to increase the number.
    In fact when May was Home Secretary more migrants came in than under any previous Home Secretary in British History.
    As to crime figures the police are under pressure from militant females who want more sex crimes investigated. Unless by followers of the religion of peace.
    Figures for homes being robbed are under reported.

  • Lawrence Hare

    26% of births are to foreign born parents, that’s up 10% which means the NHS and then schools need to accommodate those numbers,housing and other infrastructure have a knock on effect too,we have a big problem dealing with this and a lot more to come aside from the cultural side and cohesion,integration etc

  • MGJ

    Judging by his words and deeds the Anti-Christ, Chief Nonce and Globalist puppet – sorry, I mean His Holiness The Bishop of Rome – may not even be Christian, let alone Catholic.

  • NoMore

    He worships at the feet of Karl Marx.

  • Roy

    David, I should have added a sarc to my comment !

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