April 2024

BBC “he was a French national, he was a French national, he was a…..”

Here we go again. Another terror attack in France. And the usual reactions from the usual idiots.

The BBC – on this morning’s news the BBC kept insisting that the Paris killer with the AK47 was “a French national” and, of course, made no reference to the gentleman’s name, ethnic background or religion.

The Guardian – just wrote “he was a 39-year-old who had been under investigation by anti-terrorist officers for having shown an intention to kill police”. Like the useless BBC, the Guardian made no reference to the gentleman’s name, ethnic background or religion even though other newspapers already knew the guy’s name and had copies of his identity card, original arrest warrant and papers convicting him to 20 years for trying to kill three policemen.

The French presidential election candidates – all except one blethered about “terrorism” and “international terrorism” and they repeated the claim of London’s Muslim mayor that we had to accept that “terrorism was now a part of normal life”. Moreover they gave the usual platitudes about all terrorists would be found and punished after the guy was already shot dead. Only the Front National’s Marine Le Pen dared name the enemy by calling the attack “Islamic terrorism” and only she dared say that it had to be stopped.

The cowardly French – now comes the interesting bit, how will French voters react?

Will they come out with candles and vigils and hashtags and light up some public building in red, white and blue and have marches proclaiming their “solidarité” with France’s 6+ million Muslims and “bienvenu aux immigrants” and “l’amour pas la haine” and all that other lefty, libtard “merde”? And will the French media try to deflect blame from France’s Muslim community (not a single one of whom, as per usual, knew anything about the attacker’s intentions) by trying to ‘shoot the messenger’ through suggesting the usual excuse – “the attack was provoked by Marine Le Pen’s rhetoric and her party’s hostility to Muslim immigrants and the Muslim community in general”?

Or will the French finally find some backbone and say “Ça suffit” (enough is enough) and have the courage to reject the treacherous Islamophiliac mainstream candidates and vote for the only real patriotic Frenchie in the whole election – Marine Le Pen?

The next few days in France are going to be interesting.

As for the gunman with the AK47, apparently his real name is Karim Cheurfi and his ‘nom de guerre’ is  Abu Yusuf al-Beljiki (which I think means ‘Abu Yusuf the Belgian’). I worked for a French company for 12 years and the only Karims I ever came across were originally from North Africa and most certainly weren’t French Catholics. In fact they belonged to you know which religion. Odd that the BBC experts felt that Mr Karim Cheurfi was just a typical French Catholic name.

Moreover, the gunman was already well known to French security forces for being a dangerous and violent Muslim (sorry, slip of the finger, I meant “Islamic extremist who had nothing to do with Islam which is, as we all know, a Religion of Peace”) who had a previous conviction for attacking police officers.

Wake up Froggies!

Vote Le Pen! Or make an abject, cowardly surrender to the invading Islamic armies!

You have a clear choice!

Which is it going to be?

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  • Peter


    Stefan Molyneux

    What Pisses Me Off About The Paris Terrorist Attack

  • NoMore

    Terrorism will be part of normal life in the West as long as Musl!ms are part of normal life in the West. Just as it is in the ME and N.Africa. Allez Le Pen!

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