April 2024

How much trouble does Muslim terrorism cause air passengers?

When elected US President Donald Trump issued his first travel restrictions on air passengers travelling from 7 countries where Islamic extremism is rife, there were howls of protest from the usual, big-mouthed, brain-dead libtards about “racism” even though Islam is not a race but a supposed religion of peace (or violent death cult depending on your point of view).

Another complaint was the inconvenience that would be caused to several thousand mainly Muslim air passengers from these 7 countries.

But none of the mainstream media has ever thought of mentioning the inconvenience and costs caused to air passengers around the world by Muslim terrorism.

There were about 3.6 billion air passenger flights in 2016. The annual figure has increased every year for quite some time:

If we assume that due to security screening each of these 3.6 billion people had to arrive half an hour earlier at the airport than would have been necessary without the growing threat of Muslim terrorism, then that’s 108 billion minutes of inconvenience. If my calculations are correct, that equates to 206,000 manyears or more than 2,000 people’s lives every year spent just waiting at security because of Muslim terrorism.

That’s rather more wasted time than the few hours delay a few hundred Muslims experienced before a libtard judge struck down Trump’s travel restrictions for being “unconstitutional”.

But none of the mainstream media bothered to mention this massive waste of millions of people’s time. Why not? Because most of these travellers weren’t from the Religion of Love, Hatred, Tolerance, Intolerance and Peace.

And what about the cost?

Statistics from the US and Canada suggest that it costs around  $10 to security-screen each passenger:

(The top line is the US cost and the lower line is the cost per screened passenger in Canada)

Of course, the cost in many Third-World countries will be less as the airport security staff are paid a pittance. In Turkey and many Arab and African countries, the cost per screened passenger is less than $1. Although how effective a $1 security screening is I’ll leave to your imagination.

Anyway, if we assume for ease of calculation that it costs around $10 to screen each passenger (as most air passengers tend to come from the developed world), then worldwide the annual cost to screen air passengers because of the threat of Muslim terrorism is $36 billion (about £30bn). That’s £30 billion that could have been used to look after the elderly or buy food for the starving or provide housing for the homeless or help improve food production in cesspit African hell-holes or whatever.

So, when the lefties start screaming and foaming at the mouth over President Trump’s attempts to keep Americans safe from Muslim mass murderers, remember the huge amounts of people’s time and our money wasted each year purely due to the threat of Muslim terrorism.

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