April 2024

Let’s all play “Mock the Messenger”

(weekend blog)

Following a close family member having a serious stroke, I have very little time today. But still I thought I’d take a few moments to invite you to play a new game that’s all the rage.

This is a new game that every stupid, West-loathing, progressive, lefty, libtard and vacuous, multi-millionare luvvie is playing. The game’s called “Mock the Messenger”.

Let me explain the rules. They’re very simple. Of course they’re simple. Otherwise idiotic, self-regarding, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling libtards and vacuous, attention-seeking, celeb luvvies wouldn’t be able to play.

Step 1: A patriotic, sensible person expresses concern that allowing an army of millions of primitive, mostly uneducated, mostly illiterate, often inbred, low-IQ, violent, West-hating, sex-obsessed Third-World invaders (mostly male of military age) into civilised Western countries may threaten social cohesion and may put an unsupportable burden on areas like healthcare, education, housing and policing. Usually the sensible, patriotic person will have sufficient statistical evidence of increasing violent crime (especially rape) to back up their concerns in spite of the attempts of the ruling elites to cover up the catastrophe that mass, uncontrolled immigration is causing

Step 2: West-loathing, progressive, liberal, hug-a-migrant libtards, vacuous luvvies and mainstream media pundits find they have no arguments to contradict the sensible patriots’ claims of Western countries and even civilisation being threatened by the Third-World invasion. So instead they resort to mockery and name calling.

That’s it. See, anyone can play – if they’re stupid enough to be unaware of what is happening around them.

For years, Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen have been ridiculed by the ruling elites and their obedient mainstream media. Yet everything that Farage, Wilders and Le Pen have warned us about has happened.

More recently, a Swedish police inspector from the small, once peaceful town of Örebro, Peter Springare, dared to speak out about most violent crime in Orebro being committed by what are called the “new Swedes”. The Swedish Prime Minister mockingly dismissed Springare’s claims by twisting his words: “I don’t know what it looks like in Örebro, but from a broader perspective I have a very hard time believing 100 per cent of police investigation resources are spend on crimes committed by immigrants. I would say that it is wrong.”

But, of course, the greatest target for this super new game, “Mock the Messenger”, is US President Donald Trump.

Trump is an easy target as he is not nearly as articulate as professional politicians like crooked Hilary Clinton or Barry ‘All talk no trousers’ Obummer. Every time Trump says something that most normal people would agree with – like daring to mention the social chaos uncontrolled immigration is causing in Sweden and Germany – the howls of scorn and mockery and contempt from the ruling elites, the progressive, bring-in-more-migrants libtards and the multimillionaire, virtue-signalling, look-at-me-me-me luvvies and the mainstream media are deafening.

We don’t get any arguments from the cackling, howling, lobotomised libtards, luvvies and their mainstream media. All we get is mockery, scorn and insults.

So, come on. Let’s all play “Mock the Messenger” till we wake up one day and find our countries are descending into civil war between the indigenous populations and the invading Third-World armies. Then all the libtards will go rushing to the messengers they mocked for so long and beg for help.

But it will be too late.

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