July 2024

Americanistan? Or Independence Day?

Watching the BBC news this morning you’d have thought the Queen and all her corgis had died. The long, lugubrious faces. The shock and horror as their favourite candidate, Corrupt Hillary Clinton, fell further and further behind Donald Trump. Their utter horror as, once again (Brexit), the dirty, ignorant, racist, bigotted, narrow-minded people – the deplorables – didn’t vote they way they were told to by their rulers and a sycophantic, self-serving media.

Of course, at 06.26 am (as I write this) we don’t yet know if Trump will win. But his achievement is extraordinary whatever the final result. All the media were against Trump. All the banks were against Trump. All the big money was against Trump. All the supposedly ‘independent’ pollsters were against Trump. All the vacuous multi-millionaire celebs in their well-protected gated communities were against Trump. Even much of his own party was against Trump. And still he might win the presidency.

In fact the only people who supported Trump against the corrupt establishment Goldman-Sachs-glove-puppet stooge, Hillary ‘the crook’ Clinton, were ordinary people disgusted at the way the corrupt, self-serving, progressive, liberal, holier-than-thou, self-righteous elites were ruining their country.

I had expected to wake up today and write about how Saudi Arabia’s candidate Corrupt Hillary was about to turn America into Americanistan and to tell any American woman that, when their daughters got gang-raped, gang-sodomised and tortured as part of Hillary’s multi-cultural enrichment programme, this was what they voted for. But it seems that, at the last moment in the privacy of the voting booths, Americans came to their senses and rejected the putridly-corrupt establishment insider Rotten Hillary.

If Trump wins, what does that mean? Stopping the attempts to start a ‘false-flag’ conflict with Russia. Stopping the *sl*mic invasion of the USA. Stopping the pointless Middle East wars and letting the crazies fight amongst themselves. Rejecting the absurd myth of man-made climate change. A president who stands up to defend Western civilisation while Eurabia turns into a new Caliphate.

What’s not to like about that?

Until we get the final result, it’s difficult to write anything remotely sensible today. But it’s looking like America is going to get Trump’s Independence Day rather than Crooked Hillary’s Americanistan.

Oh happy day! Oh happy day!

When freedom was born, oh happy day!

When freedom was born, oh happy day!

And Clinton was swept away.

Filth swept away, oh happy day!

7 comments to Americanistan? Or Independence Day?

  • Chris

    Today, in the USA, is the second victory for people power. Lets hope the people of Europe take heart and free themeselves from the corrupt grip of the rich and elites who use their main stream media to propagandise their own agenda as though it should be ours.

    Are we now seeing the effectiveness of ‘alternative’ media and news? In any case, I thank you for your commentary and clear common sense. You were right and for all of the money and corruption the BBC etc were wrong.

    I just hope Mr Trump knows his history and re-reads a few chapters on the Kennedy family, particularly J F. Likewise Nigel.

  • Chris

    Sorry, Farage not Kennedy.

  • Right wing Brian

    Now that Trump has been declared winner can we expect to see the same bunch of numpties appear as happened after Brexit, screaming and demanding another vote as they didn’t understand how a vote an election or referendum works ? ” I need to be in a safe space right now, you fucker !”

    And don’t forget that Nichola Sturgeon has not agreed that Trump is the new president. “The will of the Scottish people will not be distorted by reason !”

    All that above and it might just take one legal challenge from a homosexual, PortuGrease, hairdresser and some black chick who takes her pants off and wiggles her bum for the camera’s, and we could still see Hillary take her rightful place as the first menopausal old bag to be the hocus “POTUS”, just as Allah intended.

  • NoMore

    Fantastic!! Western civilisation lives to fight another day. Now for Brexit for real (are you listening May?) What a day for the little guy! Eat your blackened hearts out Globalist and libtard traitors and fools.

  • zx80

    Hillary, Trumped.

    So miracles do happen after all, what a wonderful day its been.
    Its done nothing but precipitate gloomily but the suns still been shining from the boob tube.
    Watching the cry babies covered by Clintons Network News has been a highlight of my hours, their crumpled faces and tears spilling down their stupid faces, it, it just gets you right here (points to arse).
    And still the MSM and leftist supporters dont know what went wrong or how it could happen, they were so sure theyd rigged the vote, how could they lose?
    Because dear lefties, youre like a cat a runnin’ across the highway; you only see whats in front of you and then WHAM! that car youd didnt see just mangled you.
    And so it is with your ideologies, you have the nerve, to call anyone who disagrees as racists, phobics or any other kind of ists, you fail to see the blatant bigotry you display in not listening to any other viewpoint but your own, thats how this happened, you as usual are woefully ignorant of anything bar your own little worlds, ignorant of the groundswell of anger, distrust and dispair such as you cause those ordinary working class people you tend to shit down on.

    In tomorrows newspaper headlines, “Deplorables carry the day.”

  • baffled BRIAN

    Further to my last comment at 8:33 AM this very morning, I made a wee joke about oor furst lady Nichola Sturgeon, queen o’the SNPEEE, not agreeing that the Donald had won !

    Can you imagine my shock and horror, and astonishment and sense of doom, to turn o’an the Scottish News at six o’clock to see the wee beastie o’ a wummin’ and aw her SNP pals saying what a trad-ge-day thon Americans voting for trump wiz !!?? The very cheek o’ them yanks no to vote the way Nichola had telt them !

    One after another of these SNP politicians stood in line to say what a nasty, irrational, boorish, war mongering, Mexican & Muslim hating nut job the Donald is !

    How statesmanlike I thought as the soon to be US President was written off as a pussy grabbing mental case.

    Trumps country buys more Scottish exports than anywhere else outside the UK.

    It was not just the SNP but also the Scottish fat lesbian Tory and the faggot liberal chimp and the labour lezzie who fell over themselves to tell us that they also think that because eleven years ago Trump talked about grabbing some burd’z pussy, that this means he is beyond the pale.

    They would have all preferred Hillary to win it seems.

    Hillary, who stood beside Madonna at a recent political rally and smiled as Madonna promised to perform oral sex on everyone in the country who voted for Hillary. But that is OK I presume.

    Same for Millie Cyrus who standing beside a beaming Hillary, invited the audience to grab her pussy which is her current act. That’s OK then too I imagine !

    Nichola even boasted that she had withdrawn Trumps honorary status as “An International Scott” whatever the fuck that means. I am sure Trump is devastated, this on his big day too !

    It’s enough to make me boak in-ta ma sporran !!!

    As the rest of the worls begins to awake, we proudly stick our hear into a bucket of shite.

  • NoMore

    Perhaps Trump could buy Lewis and secede it from Scotland along the lines of the Isle of Man.

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