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Britain doesn’t want the Christians either

America doesn’t want the Christians

About a week ago, I wrote a blog explaining how the USA is taking in followers of the Religion of Peace in preference to giving refuge to the Middle East’s persecuted Christians.

Before the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, 74% of the Syrian population were Sunnis, 13% were Shias, 10% Christians and 3% were Druze.

Oh, and incidentally, all these different groups lived in peace until the West decided that it would follow its ‘successes’ in Iraq and Egypt installing democracy in the Middle East by toppling John Kerry’s former chum – Syria’s President Assad:


As he now lambasts Assad for crimes against humanity, Mr Kerry would probably rather that we all forget how friendly the two used to be. After all, Mr Kerry is trying to stoke up a war with Russia in his increasingly desperate attempts to get rid of Assad – the only person who could keep Syria’s diverse communities from each others’ throats.

Taking the latest available figures, of the 6,726 total Syrian refugee arrivals in the USA up till July 2016, 6,625 (98.4%) were Sunnis and 23 (0.3%) were Christians – including 15 described simply as “Christian,” five Catholics, two Orthodox and one Greek Orthodox adherent.

The remaining 78 (1.1%) comprised 49 refugees described in the data simply as “M*sl*m,” 17 Shi’a M*sl*ms (0.002%), 10 Yazidis, one of “no religion” and one “other religion.

In April, the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry – President Assad’s former BFFL as shown by the photo above – even went so far as to declare Islamic State as “responsible for genocide” against Christians, Yazidis and other minority groups in the territories it controls.

So, in spite of the fact that Christians made up around 10% of Syria’s population and are continuously persecuted by our friends from the One Great and True Religion, mysteriously they only accounted for 0.3% of refugee arrivals into the USA.

I wonder if Hussein Obama Hillary ‘Hug a M*sl*m’ Clinton would like to explain this apparent discrepancy?

Britain doesn’t want the Christians either

Well, that was America. Perhaps good old Britain is doing better when it comes to protecting the Middle East’s persecuted and long-suffering Christians?

But figures obtained from the Home Office through a freedom of information request lodged by Christian Today has now revealed that 97.5% of the Syrian refugees brought to the UK under the government’s resettlement scheme so far are followers of the religion that will dominate the world, whereas Christians account for fewer than 2%.

Home Office records show that between September 7, 2015, and June 30 this year (the most recent figures available), 2,659 individuals were resettled under the government’s Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement (VPR) scheme.

Of those, 2,592 (97.6%) are M*sl*ms whereas just 51 (1.9%) are Christians, four of whom are identified as Eastern Orthodox. Three Druze and 13 Yazidis were also resettled.

This is despite widespread acknowledgement that the Christian population in Syria is suffering extreme persecution.

Charity Open Doors, which works on behalf of persecuted Christians worldwide, reports “Islamic State (IS) attacked 35 Christian villages in February 2015 alone, abducting over 250 people and driving 3,000 others from their homes; the militants later executed three Christian hostages. It is impossible to be a Christian in IS-controlled areas, and even in areas still controlled by the government.

Despite the outflow of people from the region, there are still believed to be around 772,000 Christians remaining in the country, making up more than 4% of the current population. But it looks rather doubtful many of them will be accepted for resettlement into the West.

Why so few Christians?

One of the problems of getting Syrian Christians into the West seems to be that there aren’t too many of them in the refugee camps. There appears to be widespread persecution of Christians not only throughout the Middle East but also in the refugee camps – the men are threatened and beaten, the women and children are raped. And, of course, the ‘humanitarian’ workers from the UN look the other way, just as the British police allowed M*sl*m rape gangs to operate throughout Britain, because to criticise members of the Religion of Peace would be condemned as *sl*mophobic.

So, Christians fleeing the fighting in the Syrian civil war, are also having to flee the UN-run refugee camps.

But, of course, these issues are never mentioned by the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation nor, in fact, in any of the mainstream media because to criticise anything about the Religion of Peace would be immediately branded as *sl*mophobic.

And so the persecution and slaughter of the Middle East’s Christians continues as our Christian-hating rulers look the other way.

(Tomorrow – the Pope surrenders to the Religion of Peace invaders)

3 comments to Britain doesn’t want the Christians either

  • AtheistAmerican

    Christians are a minority in these countries dominated by Mooslims. It only stands to reason then that a Minority of refugees will be Christians. They Are persecuted over there and they Are a minority over there.

    No evil Anti-Christian conspiracy needed.

    You’re starting to sound like Donald “Grab ’em by the pussy” Tr*mp.

  • David Craig

    My dear American friend. Had you bothered to read my blog today before generously giving us you opinions, you would have seen the simple mathematics that 10% of Syrians were Christian before the civil war but only 0.3% of Syrian refugees accepted by the USA were Christian.

    I don’t think I sound like Donald Trump by merely pointing out this issue.

  • AtheistAmerican

    Key word is Minority. Whether it’s 10% or .3%, that’s a Minority.

    Now if it was 0% Christians, then you might have a case!

    No, you don’t sound like Trump here…but you sound like him up There on today’s post about the evil conspiracy by The Establishment to discredit and destroy Trump by producing his rape victims…

    Why not read something intelligent like this:

    Unless you care to condemn that website as a “Leftist” propaganda site.

    How’s that tie into That? The women didn’t come forward until now because they were afraid of The Donald. Billionaires have a Lot of power in this country, especially sociopaths who go after their enemies and never concede. I know because I was the victim of a couple of minor players in these games over the years (I’m over 50, FYI) which destroyed my career. For that matter, today my hometown is run by Right Wing Authoritarian Mafia-types (wannabes actually, or so I hope) who live in McMansions and McCastles and think they are Entitled as they pee on everyone under them. Considering the name of your website, I would think that you would be against them–not on their side.

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