April 2024

The great Kim Kardashian jewellery robbery

I’m sure you’re all as horrified and saddened as I was to hear about the dreadful robbery in Paris.

Apparently the world’s most talented and famous woman – a certain Kim Kardashian – while visiting Paris for a fashion show had a pile of her jewellery stolen by two armed robbers dressed as French police.

As part of my blog snouts-in-the-trough’s duty to educate and inform, I thought it would be useful to help readers understand this story by showing how Kim Kardashian looks with jewellery and without jewellery

First: here’s (I believe) Kim Kardashian with jewellery:


And this is apparently Kim Kardashian without jewellery:


I hope these pictures help readers appreciate the devastating effect on Ms Kardashian of having her jewellery stolen.

I am, of course, not using the excuse of the Kardashian story to totally gratuitously show some pictures of a naked woman. At Snouts-in-the-trough – our mission is to educate and inform.

(Today’s blog was generously sponsored by the Royal Society of Manufacturers of Shaving Devices for Ladies)

5 comments to The great Kim Kardashian jewellery robbery

  • Dave H

    Your research is astounding David !

  • AtheistAmerican

    Well, I for one was depressed all day long when this news hit me. I understand she lost over 10 million dollars in jewelry! What kind of idiot carries around that much? I mean, I doubt that even the Gabor bimbos carried that much around (not even the sum total!)…

    Maybe we should start an online fund to gather donations to help her redeem her…whatever…
    Consider her worldwide fan base, she may just redeem it all…

  • Barry Richards

    It was airbrushed out in the bottom picture. No doubt insured like a couple of other assets I might mention.

  • brian rodney harwood

    I hope this does not affect her performance – I refer , of course, to her singing, her dancing, her trombone playing or her famed farmyard-impressions.

  • James Moore

    I must admit that I had a different image in my head when I combined the words Kardashian and pearl necklace. Still a pleasant interpretation of the facts young David and one that lifted my spirits (among other things) Ha! Ha!

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