July 2024

Let’s all help a progressive, liberal lefty

I admit I’m worried. Deeply, deeply worried.

I’m worried about how our sneering, progressive, liberal, lefty elites are going to cope with a Donald Trump presidency.

Life hasn’t been easy lately for the contemptuous, morally superior, progressive, liberal lefties. Last year a Tory majority won power in Britain in spite of the lefties’ brilliant candidate Ed ‘McCluskey’s glove puppet’ Miliband.

Then a majority of Brits (unexpectedly for their progressive. liberal, we-know-what’s-good-for-you rulers and sycophantic media) voted for Brexit to regain Britain’s independence from the corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic, statist EU.

Then a large number of the supposed highly-educated, enlightened ‘refugees’ the lefties welcomed to Europe turned out to be illiterate, unemployable, benefits-scrounging, religiously-backward, violent, sexist economic migrants and serial rapists.

Moreover, Austria are having to re-run their presidential election and may elect a leader who actually cares about his country and who wants to prevent the *sl*mic invasion.

And in France, Marine Le Pen will probably come second  (or even first?) in the first round of their presidential elections. Though sadly she will most likely be defeated in the second round by a rotten, self-serving cabal of the left-wing and centrist establishment elites.

And to cap it all, there’s a good chance of Donald Trump defying the whole Goldman-Sachs-controlled US elitist establishment and becoming America’s next president.

Of course, this tide of protest against the politically-correct, progressive, liberal elites could turn. After all, virtually all media throughout the West is under the control of the progressive, liberal, *sl*mophiliac elites. But, for the moment, things just don’t seem to be working out the way our greedy, holier-than-thou, incompetent progressive, liberal elites planned

So, how are the self-righteous, morally-superior, politically-correct, know-it-all elites going to cope? And what can we do to help them overcome yet another series of disappointments?

liberal brain 2016

Perhaps we should offer pre-emptive bereavement counselling to the supercilious, ever-superior, progressive, *sl*mophiliac elites so they can cope with the death of their dreams of replacing democracy with bureaucratic control of us pig-ignorant, unwashed masses and the interruption of their self-flagellating attempt to allow the *sl*mic takeover of our countries?

Or maybe there’s a therapy book they could read on how to deal with things suddenly not going their way?

I don’t know what the answer is.

But as Trump edges ever closer to the US presidency, spare a though for the Guardianistas and New-York-Timesers and all those who believe that the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation is the word of God incarnate.

Life is becoming tougher for the haughty, progressive, liberal elites.

Let’s all help them get through these difficult times.

6 comments to Let’s all help a progressive, liberal lefty

  • NoMore

    Let’s all help them get TO these difficult times (for them).

    And then get the popcorn out.

  • David Brown

    We probably have a Progressive liberal lefty in Teresa May.
    Her actions over leaving the EU are highly suspect.If we are going it is in our economic interests to go ASP so why is she instigating delay tactics?
    Web site Order-Order has detailed article on May’s immigration record which had been removed from The Telegraph web site, as the papers owners decided to back her for Conservative leadership.
    Only a few days ago it was leaked that the reduce net immigration policy had been dropped.

  • Go East

    While Euroland is busy accelerating its demise into a Third World Hell Hole.Nobody is watching where the future lies, they are busy going in the opposite direction and will leave the West in the dust.

    “We are always watching for information regarding the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), BRICS and One Belt, One Road (new Silk Road) project.

    The consortiums listed above headed by China and Russia, respectively, and the latter two being headed by committees from various member nations, are quite possibly the news story for the next 25-50 years. What these organizations are putting together are turning out to make the Western World’s Industrial Revolution, that ran for approximately 120 years beginning in the mid 1800s, look like child’s play. While the Industrial Revolution had far reaching impacts on our world, even to this day, the focus was on the United States. With these centrally planned organizations the very nature of the plan is to spread the wealth, share the expense, and allow a rising tide to lift all boats.

    For the past two decades the SCO, in particular, has gone about its business of planning this melding of member nations and working out details of how the manufacturing will be distributed, how the monetary and financial systems will be integrated, and where the leadership centers will be located. Outside looking in, it seems to be an extraordinary undertaking that is beginning to reach an inflection point in its development.

    Most of the economic and financial systems are in place. Most of the transportation and communications systems have been developed and are either working or being built as we speak. Raw power systems, like nuclear, hydroelectric, and solar power are either in place or being built out all across the land. The West is asleep at the wheel regarding this massive build out that is happening all across the Eurasian, Middle Eastern and into north-western Africa landscape.

    Being at just over half of the global population, you would think someone might be curious as to what is happening in Asia. Encompassing close to 70% of the world’s natural resources, including most of the oil, it seems like someone in the West should be reporting regularly on these changes. Not a peep.”

  • MGJ

    The historical trend has been to start with more or less reasoned argument, telling us how wonderful the Soviet Union was, until contrary facts emerged. Then we had project guilt but that didn’t really work. Then lies, censorship, threats and bullying. Then the near complete takeover of the media, politics, the arts, academia and the schools. Then importing vast numbers of left-voting people from other countries, lured by welfare bribes. But STILL people wanted Brexit.

    We are now entering the next phase, namely of outright violence. Already we are seeing BLM terrorists advocating the murder of cops, encouraged by media and politicians including Obama; threats of murder and rape going unpunished on social media; and Corbyn and Hillary’s Youth brigades intimidating anybody daring to support non-leftist parties.

    There are some good signs. The media seems hell bent on discrediting itself and for those who care, the internet provides real-time rebuttals of their lies (this site included). But the leftards aren’t going away.

  • JustanotherdayintheEU

    United Nations (UN) representative and former Goldman Sachs banker Peter Sutherland has declared that European countries must open their borders to all, including economic migrants.

    British Doctors Faced With 5,700 Cases Of Female Genital Mutilation In One Year.

    North African Footballers Sent Home From Tournament After Molesting Teen Girls.

  • AmericanMan

    Maybe you can get away with some of this for Europe, but I’m from America and Maybe things are a bit different. Certainly the scale and stakes are different…

    Here’s what the Republicans represent here and would like to do: platform

    In other words, transform America into an Oligarchic Fascist Theocracy (One Nation Under Jesus).
    Dumbing-down the population to worship airhead celebs, live and die for Money, respect Mafia rule, and reject Science in all its forms.

    Already American is a nation of showoffs and blowhards–who are Worshiped. Surface Over Substance everywhere.
    You live here, you’re being Fleeced.
    And beyond PC and immigration, don’t blame the Liberals.
    The Big Bucks are going to the Republicans which constitute the vast majority of the Top 1%.
    Except the majority are too stupid to realize this.

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