July 2024

Brexit – why I’m mildly optimistic

Normally the purpose of the blog is to provide an alternative to the mainstream media by trying to expose the lies, deception, stupidity and greed of the ruling elites and the ‘progressive’, ‘liberal’ Islamophiliacs. But today, I thought I’d take time out from throwing rocks to give four reasons why I’m mildly optimistic about Brexit actually happening:

1. The worst lying, treacherous scum are gone

We must all surely breathe a huge sigh of relief that Cameron and Osborne – the two leaders of the lying, ‘Project Fear’ europhiliac traitors, who wanted to hand over control of our country to Germany to further their own lousy careers – are gone.

2. May was the only possible PM

When you look at the alternatives – Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Andrea Leadsom – you can see that Theresa May was the only credible possible Prime Minister. Moreover, she is experienced, she is hard-working and she is tough. She could lead a successful Brexit negotiation unlike the piece of lying garbage Cameron who lied and lied and lied during his pre-referendum supposed ‘negotiation’.

3. May has painted herself into a corner

When Theresa May announced her candidature for Prime Minister, the Brexiteer – Andrea Leadsom – was still in the race. So, May had to show her pro-Brexit credentials. With her three promises – “Brexit means Brexit”; “there will be no second referendum” and “there will be no General Election till 2020” – she’s going to find it awfully difficult to backtrack and walk away from leading the country to Brexit

4. Some genuine eurosceptics are in place

There are two key figures in the coming Brexit negotiations – David Davis leading the negotiations and Liam Fox in charge of trade. Both are genuine eurosceptics and both have been eurosceptic for years. They’re unlikely to allow a May government to run from it’s promise to deliver a reasonable Brexit.


Of course, May has her faults – uncontrolled immigration being the most glaring. And, of course, we Outers won’t get everything we want – May’s accepting attitude to the farcical European Court of Yuman Rights is worrying. But given the massive power of the elitist establishment politicians, bankers and big business all conspiring to betray our country, it is extraordinary that more than 17 million people dared defy their rulers to vote Out and it is extraordinary that we so quickly and so painlessly have a government in place that can actually take us out.

Things might have been better than they are for Brexit. But they also could have been an awful lot worse.

That’s why I’m mildly optimistic about Brexit.

Footnote: As for Theresa May’s interesting decision to make Boris Johnson foreign secretary, here’s my personal message to all the European leaders who are criticising and even scoffing at the decision – “you put a useless drunk – Juncker – from a country the size of Leicester in charge of the EU’s 500+ million people. Compared to that stupidity, appointing Boris Johnson as foreign secretary looks like a piece of genius”.


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