July 2024

Hey Lefties! How about protesting about this?

It’s frightening how so-called liberal, lefty progressives have taken control of the mainstream media. For the last few years, we’ve been heckled and harrassed over the scam of supposed Man-made Global Warming. And now the lefties’ new scaremongering is about supposed “racism”. You can hardly watch a news programme now without some creep berating us about the “huge rise in racist attacks” in Britain since the Brexit vote.

Hold on a minute. What has actually happened? Apparently there was someone who handed out some cards saying “Poles go home” (probably spelled wrongly). And there were a few (extremely few) incidents where people apparently shouted abuse at immigrants. But how many immigrants were killed in these supposed “racist attacks”? None! How many were injured? None!

Moreover, last night there was a documentary from the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation called “United States of Hate: Muslims under attack”. I didn’t bother watching it as it was clear from the title what a pile of biased horse-shit it would be. After all, in a country awash with hundreds of millions of guns, how many Mooslums have been killed in “racist attacks”? None! How many Mooslums have been injured? None! All there has been is one protest against Mooslum immigration at one mosque. Yet the liberal lefty progressives claim America has become the “United States of Hate”.

If the lefties want tp protest about something, how about all the Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists and other Mooslums who have been hacked to death, beheaded, crucified, shot or blown up by *sl*mists in the name of their supposed religion?

lefty protests

And what about all the women forced to recite from the Koran while being raped and then murdered? And all the homosexuals being thrown from tall buildings and then being stoned in the name of the Religion of Hatred and Death?

lefty protests 2

Oh, sorry, I forgot. Biased, lefty, liberal progressives never criticise Mooslums.

There’s plenty of hate in the world for the liberal, lefty, progressives to protest about. But it’s always hatred from a backwards, intolerant, violent, supremacist,  fascist death cult masquerading as a religion.

How about protesting about this, Lefties?

4 comments to Hey Lefties! How about protesting about this?

  • Teflon Tory Teresa

    Carney’s carnage.
    Dont blame it on the Brexit.The elites mouth pieces Carney, Osborne,Cameron are trying to blame us Brexiters for the mayhem they and their bankster friends have caused.Remember who they are when they try to escape up their Ivory Towers. Their newest candidate for implementation of the Evil Elite is Teresa Mayhem, fight the Russians , better to spend the billions on saving childrens lives than taking childrens lives ,dont you think!!!

  • MGJ

    It’s bad enough being coerced into funding the BBC in the first place but for it to spend our money disseminating its offensive and perverted view of the world is even worse.

    The best way to object is to switch it off. There’s still the odd good program I’ll watch and of course they have a monopoly on certain sporting events but in general, there are alternative sports, news and weather outlets for TV, radio and on the web. I encourage others to do likewise.

    On a completely different note, I await the Chilcot report with baited breath. Past experience suggests that 12 volumes of mealy-mouthed ambiguity (at a gazillion pounds per word) will allow absolutely everybody to be completely vindicated whilst at the same time suggesting ‘the system’ could perhaps have performed better.

  • AmericanMan

    Not my problem that you don’t believe in Global Warming or even Evolution. That’s why the Right is the Anti-intellectual party.

    It’s got NOTHING to do with Islam; support, opposition, or otherwise.

  • David Craig

    I don’t believe in Man-made Global Warming. I believe the climate changes all the time – sometimes it gets warmer and sometimes it gets colder. And I would remind you that in the 1970s the same experts now predicting Global Warming were predicting a new min-ice age in which millions would die from starvation. Ooops, got that wrong, didn’t they!!!

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