October 2022
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Sometimes an accidental juxtaposition tells us all we need to know

On the BBC World News this morning, the first story was about a NASA space probe that had travelled umpteen billion miles to investigate the planet Jupiter. 

The second story was about some mouth-frothing, arse-in-the-air-five-times-a-day, lunatics who had blown themselves into mincemeat in a series of amateurish, unsuccessful attacks in Saudi Arabia.

Surely this accidental juxtaposition by the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation tells us everything we need to know about the extraordinary technical and scientific achievements of the liberal, democratic West:

one hundred years west

And the violence, stupidity and backwardness of the ridiculous death cult masquerading as a religion:

one hundred years islam

The Brexit vote was the first step in preventing Britain becoming a violent, excrement-covered, Third-World cesspit of a country.

The battle to save Sweden and Belgium and even France is probably lost.

But the battle to save Britain is far from over!

3 comments to Sometimes an accidental juxtaposition tells us all we need to know

  • NoMore

    Juno how many space missions you could launch for the cost of keeping a million worthless Musl!ms in the style they expect? I don’t either but Mutti may be able to enlighten us.

  • AtheistDude

    The Islam propaganda campaign though is stronger than ever. For a good laugh look up the bullshit “miracles in the Holy Kuran” or anything related to the “science” of Islam.

    Did you know, for instance, that Muslims invented Flight before anyone else? It’s true. They call it the Flying Carpet. Now a “lost science.”

  • Cameron mK2

    Ah Teresa May’s latest wheeze for her Global Elite Masters, renew Trident program costing Billions we havent got to try and threaten Russia with WW3. Nice One Teresa.

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