April 2024

Orlando shooting “nothing to do with religion!” Pope “nothing to do with Catholicism!” Bears “nothing to do with woods!”

Here we go again. An American M*sl*m who openly declared sympathy with ISIL, regularly attended his local mosque and was twice interviewed by the FBI about his radical views shoots over 50 people at a gay nightclub.

The reaction of our rulers – “the man was mad, the man hated gays etc etc”. But the attack “had nothing to do with any religion”. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is lambasted for saying what everybody knows – this attack had everything to do with religion.

Coincidentally, about 6 weeks before the attack, a M*sl*m scholar (ok I know that’s a ridiculous oxymoron) was invited to give a talk at a mosque in Orlando in which he insisted all gays should be killed:


So, please repeat after me: “the shooting had nothing to do with religion, the shooting had nothing to do with religion, the shooting had nothing to do with religion…..

Hey, if you say it enough times, you might even start to believe it!

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  • Cognitive Dissonance

    The EU Is Coming To Close Down Your Free Speech.

    The German Chancellor was not interested in the reinforcement of Europe’s external borders, the re-erection of its internal borders, the institution of a workable asylum vetting system and the repatriation of people who had lied to gain entry into Europe. Instead, Chancellor Merkel wanted to know how Facebook’s founder could help her restrict the free speech of Europeans, on Facebook and on other social media.

    Then, on May 31, the European Union announced a new online speech code to be enforced by four major tech companies, including Facebook and YouTube.

    It was clear from the outset that Facebook has a definitional problem as well as a political bias in deciding on these targets. What is Facebook’s definition of ‘racism’? What is its definition of ‘xenophobia’? What, come to that, is its definition of ‘hate speech’?

    Of course the EU is a government — and an unelected government at that — so its desire not just to avoid replying to its critics — but to criminalise their views and ban their contrary expressions — is as bad as the government of any country banning or criminalising the expression of opinion which is not adulatory of the government.

    People must speak up — must speak up now, and must speak up fast — in support of freedom of speech before it is taken away from them. It is, sadly, not an overstatement to say that our entire future depends on it.

    It is nine months since Angela Merkel and Mark Zuckerberg tried to solve Europe’s migrant crisis. Of course having caused the migrant crisis by announcing the doors of Europe as open to the entire third-world, Angela Merkel particularly would have been in a good position actually to try to solve this crisis.

  • PleaseReleaseMeLetMeGo...

    It Begins: One European Bank Fails, Another One Needs An Urgent Cash Injection!

    Interesting news this week as Belgium-based Optima Bank has been shut down by both the National Bank of Belgium (which also acts as the Belgian regulating body) as well as the ECB. According to the national supervisor, the bank would have been unable to meet its commitments to its clients and was forced to cease all banking activities after some potentially fraudulent transaction were unveiled.

    It’s surprising to see the main media have tried to keep this silent as even the website of the National Bank of Belgium didn’t bother to issue the press release in English (whereas all other press releases on the home page can be read in English). There’s no statement from the ECB either, nor has this news been translated on the English version of website of the state-owned national television station.

    The situation is so bad the regulator has already immediately tasked the special fund organizing the Deposit Guarantee Scheme to start paying out the clients of the bank, even though Optima Bank hasn’t filed a bankruptcy procedure just yet. The urgency of the need to pay the clients does indicate the situation is extremely bad and even though it’s a very small one (it had closed the savings accounts division last year), there are two more important things you need to keep in mind.

    First of all, Optima was one of the banks which tried to attract new customers with sky-high interest rates. Suspiciously high, we might add. This reminded us of the Deutsche Bank promo in Belgium which also promised ultra-high interest rates on some of its products (as referenced on ZeroHedge here), as Optima clearly had a real need to see a cash inflow.

    But secondly, and this is even more important, according to the official filings, the National Bank of Belgium had already effectively taken control of Optima Bank by appointing a ‘special commissioner’ to approve all transactions. Even though the NBB has only revoked the banking license just a few days ago, that special commissioner was already appointed in the first half of May.

    That creates a completely new question. Are there other banks in the Eurozone which are under extremely strict supervision by the national (or supranational) regulators? If a Central Bank doesn’t even announce when a special commissioner is being appointed, how can the public be sure its deposits are safe? What else is going on in the Eurozone behind closed doors? Why did Banco Popular for instance need an emergency capital raise if it argued earlier it was strong enough to weather its real estate storm, sending the stock to a multi-decade low?

  • Pete FR

    Let’s get rid of them’: British-born Islamic preacher who has called for gays to be ‘executed’ was giving lectures in Orlando weeks before nightclub massacre.

    Farrokh Sekaleshfar was reportedly in Orlando in March giving public lectures
    In videos online Sekaleshfar has said homosexuals should be ‘executed’
    50 people were killed when gunman opened fire in Orlando gay nightclub
    Sekaleshfar is currently in Australia on a speaking tour

    50 perverts killed in bar’: Homophobic headline on Turkish newspaper website with strong ties to country’s President Erdogan

    Yeni Akit is a right-wing Turkish paper which has supported Al-Qaeda
    It is known for its hate speech against LGBT groups, Jews and Christians
    Also has strong ties with President Erdogan and his party, the AKP
    Broke news of Orlando attack with headline: ‘Death toll rises to 50 in bar where perverted homosexuals go!’

  • AtheistAmerican

    Nah… He was “mentally ill and disturbed”…
    Nothing to do with Islam despite the nutjob being a Muslim and a Homophobe and regularly attending a “moderate” mosque…AND swearing allegiance to ISIS.

    NUKE MECCA! WIPE THIS DEGENERATE SCUM OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL! NO MORE Soldiers dumped into the desert to die!
    Just NUKE the Arab Assholes!

    Useless, parasitic, degenerate, inbred Scum with brains up their asses.

    These animals don’t belong in our 21st century advanced civilization! They want the 7th century barbarism of desert camels and WANT TO DIE to go to heaven.

    Let’s HELP THEM get there via nuclear missiles!

  • mike mines

    For gods sake Brexit and lets start sorting our own horrendous mess out…

  • MGJ

    Predictable stuff so far.

    Donald Trump is to blame, Hitlary Clinton’s poor head is in a spin and just cannot work it out, lots of soppy lefties have retreated to their hug rooms for a sob and it was the actual guns themselves that were to blame, not any individuals.

    Nobody in the community – apart from his work colleagues, employer, the police, the FBI, his father, his wife and his pals – had the slightest inkling that he was dangerously unstable and hated gays. After all people like that always keep it to themselves, don’t they? Meanwhile police report that cooperation from the M*sl*m community is holding steady at zero.

    Meanwhile a big noise in US “Civil Rights” really lost his temper, defending the Religion of Peace and blaming Christians for being just so disgracefully homophobic. You see what happens? You’ve only got yourselves to blame!

    In other words, society is processing this in the usual mature, thoughtful way.

  • Thinker

    Yeah, let’s get rid of all the “Lefties” (a.k.a. secular people, which consists of the majority of Scientists, inventors, innovators…)
    Yeah, let’s get rid of Them. Might as well dump all tech and take the Mooslim course back to the seventh century.

    Might as well say that all Trump supporters are Nazis, too, while you’re at it.

    “Lefties” want justice for all and possess this thing called Compassion.

    You’re better off simply Educating the people about what Real Islam is all about and how these towelheads Think and view others (notably us non-Mooslim infidels). Wake people up to their insanity. Use the diaperheads’ own ignorance against them, too: give them pigs to play with, let them shake hands with gays…

  • NoMore

    The Left don’t own the copyright on justice and compassion. These concepts come from our European Christian heritage, are not universal, and are not about feeling better about yourself whilst patronising other cultures. For the myriad hordes welcomed into Europe by lefties, justice is what is written in the K0ran, and compassion? You won’t find that concept in that book.

    Those hordes are coming here to take and then take over. They see our compassion as a weakness to use against us. They have had billions of aid and our blueprints to follow but only know how to destroy their own countries and move on to the next pasture. How about some justice and compassion for our own children who will no longer be growing up in the safe, affluent continent we grew up in since the War?

    Cultural Marxists, international socialists (globalists) and hard left activists are driving all this nonsense that is going to end up destroying the greatest civilisation that ever was.

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