June 2024

Russia is our enemy! Islam is our friend!

(weekend blog) Readers are probably familiar with George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four in which the population was kept permanently cowed and under control by the constant wars between the three superstates – Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia.

As we move towards the 23 June EU In/Out referendum, one warning we are being given by the Remainians is that “Putin wants Brexit” and that we need to stay in the corrupt, undemocratic EU to “counter the threat from Russia”.

Below is a chart apparently contained in a report for the German government in which the writers try to identify which countries are Germany’s allies and which countries are threats to Germany’s interests:

german document

(The original diagram is here if you have trouble reading this version )

The further to your right and the higher in the diagram a country is, the more it represents a threat to German interests.

As you’ll see, Russia (along with China) is pretty high up on being ‘challengers’ to Germany’s strategic interests. Turkey ( an utterly corrupt, impoverished *sl*mic dictatorship that is blackmailing all of the EU with it’s threat to swamp us with M*sl*m migrants) is pictured as one of Germany’s best friends for life:

erdogan blackmail

But is Russia really an aggressor? Or is the West deliberately provoking Russia as a ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four-style’ tactic to cower us into submitting to our rulers’ control?

It was the West that provoked Russia to act in the Ukraine when our beloved Baroness Ashton apparently almost single-handedly ‘liberated’ the Ukraine from Russian control:

ashton liberates

It was the West that broke commitments to Russia not to station troops on Russia’s borders.

It is the West that is constantly moving troops and missiles ever closer to Russia.

Our real enemy isn’t Russia:


Our real enemy is *sl*m:


London has already fallen as immigration and white flight have handed control of our capital to someone who may not put his loyalty to our country above his loyalty to his religion. With more uncontrolled immigration and more white flight, all of our major cities and towns – Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford, Coventry, Rotherham etc – will soon follow London’s dismal path.

cameron wins 2015

And if we vote to stay in the EU, Britain will be a country largely under *sl*mic control within our children’s lifetimes.

Vote Leave on 23 June! 

9 comments to Russia is our enemy! Islam is our friend!

  • Walter Jones

    And of course, David Camerons masters dont want Brexit…

    .From Mishtalk…………………..

    #1 Reason to Vote Brexit: Goldman Sachs, JPM, IMF Seek Remain.

    The list of names of organizations who are against Brexit are the very same names that ignite memories of housing bubbles, blown economic forecasts, and the rising income inequality woes the left rails against.

    Yet, the British left sings the praises of preposterous claims made by Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, the IMF, and David Cameron who have all blown economic call, after call, after call!

    Then we have economic policy which has been a disaster. Where was the European sense of fraternity when Greece as in trouble? It completely disappeared. Europe’s leaders chose to protect their failed bankers and broken single currency and throw the Greek people under a bus.

    Compare this to Iceland which sits outside of the EU. Its response to the financial crisis was not to kowtow to bankers but to jail them. The Icelandic economy has now recovered to a size above its pre 2008 peak, a target far away from the likes of Greece.

    While the Goldmanite European Central Bank chairman Mario Draghi prepares to pump money into a corporate black hole, the youth of Southern Europe see their futures evaporate into a sclerotic mist of unemployment, under-investment and hopelessness. Why does Britain’s left wish to support an EU that propagates such unfairness? Is it not time to admit that Europe has been captured by financiers and will not prosper until their influence is reduced and un-payable debts written-off?

  • Walter Jones

    Look Out EU – Eurosceptic “United We Can” Party Surging in Spain.

    Not only does the EU have its hands full with a sudden surge in favor of Brexit, it also has to deal with a sudden surge in the popularity of Spain’s Eurosceptic “United We Can” party.

    Center right Popular Party (PP) candidate and acting prime minister Mariano Rajoy was widely expected to gain seats following the failed election in 2015.

    Recent polls shows PP is losing seats to the once fractured Podemos (We Can) party after it aligned with IU forming “United We Can”.

  • Walter Jones

    More Refugee Blackmail: Brussels Expects to Leverage €3.1bn Into €62bn to Halt Migration From Africa

    Refugees: “We want to talk with Cameron”. Indeed they do.
    See photo..on link below

  • Freetheweb

    How Google Manipulates Search Results.There are other Search Engines, lots of them.

    This from Mike Krieger..

    Research I have been directing in recent years suggests that Google, Inc., has amassed far more power to control elections—indeed, to control a wide variety of opinions and beliefs—than any company in history has ever had. Google’s search algorithm can easily shift the voting preferences of undecided voters by 20 percent or more—up to 80 percent in some demographic groups—with virtually no one knowing they are being manipulated, according to experiments I conducted recently with Ronald E. Robertson.

    Given that many elections are won by small margins, this gives Google the power, right now, to flip upwards of 25 percent of the national elections worldwide. In the United States, half of our presidential elections have been won by margins under 7.6 percent, and the 2012 election was won by a margin of only 3.9 percent—well within Google’s control.

    What we call in our research the Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME) turns out to be one of the largest behavioral effects ever discovered. Our comprehensive new study, just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), includes the results of five experiments we conducted with more than 4,500 participants in two countries. Because SEME is virtually invisible as a form of social influence, because the effect is so large and because there are currently no specific regulations anywhere in the world that would prevent Google from using and abusing this technique, we believe SEME is a serious threat to the democratic system of government.

  • Freetheweb

    Poll: 55 Percent of UK Voters in Favor of Brexit.

    More than half of UK voters would like to see Great Britain exit the European Union, according to the results of a new poll.
    Urgent: Rate Obama on His Job Performance. Vote Here Now!

    Breaking News at

  • George R.

    Deliberately Overblown” Brexit Fears Backfire.

    When Britain first joined the European Economic Community (the precursor to the EU) in 1973, the primary motivation was the hopes of increasing British trade through participation in the world’s largest free-trade zone. However, the hope that the union would simply be a free-trading zone of sovereign countries has morphed into a drive for an EU superstate that has relentlessly pushed for greater regulations on businesses and people and greater control of local laws that have nothing to do with trade.

    It has been kept remarkably quiet, for instance, that the EU intends to divide the UK into eleven administrative regions, all reporting directly to Brussels. Although Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will remain intact as individual national regions, England will be split into eight regions. Worse still, the coastal counties of England will be teamed with regions in Portugal, France, the Netherlands and Germany, where they will remain in a minority role. Even the English Channel is to be renamed. Very little mention is of the EU proposal for EU-wide ID and tax numbers, likely heralding a heavy EU taxation regime.
    The UK has the fifth largest national economy in the world, according to 2015 figures compiled by the International Monetary Fund. In its present state of economic stagnation, the EU can ill-afford to lose the UK. According to the March 2016 Statistical Bulletin from the Office for National Statistics, the UK has had a negative trade balance in goods with the EU that has averaged about $8 billion a month this first quarter. If the UK were to leave without being able to negotiate an independent trade deal, the EU economy might shrink by some $96 billion a year. The UK was the second largest net contributor to the EU budget last year. It follows that the 8 English regions (with Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland considered as ‘relatively poor’) may in aggregate be the second largest suppliers of future intra-EU money transfers from the so-called ‘rich’ to the poorer southern and eastern regions of Europe. In that sense, the EU needs the UK more than the other way round.

    The Pro-EU camp ignore the trade balance issue completely and threaten, as did President Obama, that the UK would be left out in the cold, like Switzerland, and unable to negotiate its way out of a disaster. Switzerland is not an EU member and has an economy of less than a quarter the size of the UK’s. And yet from 2009-2013 she exported, on average, 4.6 times the value per person to the EU than does the UK (The Truth About Trade Outside the EU, William Dartmouth MEP, June 2015). With a negative EU trade balance, why would the UK be unable to negotiate, from outside, a trade agreement at least as good as that achieved by Switzerland?

    Already a number of EU members are experiencing anti-EU sentiments among their people. The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), which forced the BREXIT vote, is not alone. It is part of a sizable block, styled the Europe for Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group, in the EU parliament. It is comprised of representatives from the UK, France, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. In addition, countries like Greece, Spain and Portugal are becoming very unhappy about the implications of Eurozone membership. A for BREXIT vote could ignite an implosion within the Eurozone rather than being a threat to Sterling. This may be what worries the international central banking and political elite most. It has led directly to massive global elite support for Cameron’s Project Fear.

    If the British public wises up to David Cameron’s game of fear and vote for BREXIT, there will be some short-term shock and disruption in currencies, equities, bonds, precious metals and possibly employment. However, the global central bank and political elites could be expected to move very fast to avoid the development of deeper problems. Negotiations likely would be concluded very quickly to calm things down with minimal damage to the UK economy or its currency.

  • 1984

    Farage Threatens To “Destroy The Old EU” As Marc Faber Says Brexit “Best Thing In British History”

    “Switzerland is doing much better than any other country in Europe. So maybe Britain would do the same?” said Faber.

    While the Swiss franc has been relatively flat in the last month, notable highlights for Switzerland include the completion of a $12 billion rail tunnel, the longest in the world.

    With expectations that Britain opts to leave the EU, Faber advised that investors should prepare for a market sell-off in the immediate aftermath, but that there will be long-term benefits.

    “The establishment has said that if a Brexit occurs, they lose the export market. That’s not true. They can make bilateral agreements,” he exclaimed.

    Faber advised that European nations should turn their focus to Asia, notably China and India, when it comes to finding fresh export partners. With this in mind, he concluded that Brexit would be a positive development for Britain and for Europe at large.

  • NoIfsNoButts

    Revealed: Cameron Promised To ‘Pave The Road From Ankara To Brussels’

    Prime Minister David Cameron has been accused of “appeasement” towards Turkey after footage emerged of him promising to “pave the road from Ankara to Brussels”.

    Mr Cameron has insisted during the European Union (EU) referendum campaign that it will be “literally decades” before Turkey can join the bloc as fears grow over mass immigration.

    Prime Minister David Cameron has been accused of “appeasement” towards Turkey after footage emerged of him promising to “pave the road from Ankara to Brussels”.

    Mr Cameron has insisted during the European Union (EU) referendum campaign that it will be “literally decades” before Turkey can join the bloc as fears grow over mass immigration.

  • George R

    Children allow themselves to be sexually molested by Migrants for the sake of being P.C.

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