May 2024

Dementia day yesterday – but I did come across this

I’m afraid yesterday I had to look after my mother who, at 90, isn’t doing so well.

But I did come across this.

I don’t know who put the title – “The plan is to rig the EU referendum” – as that’s not what this short video is about at all.

It’s about something called the “European Stability Mechanism”. This is an organisation set up in 2012, based in Juncker’s tax haven Luxembourg and apparently able to grab vast amounts of money from Eurozone countries to bail out any Eurozone country that gets into financial difficulties.

“But hold on a minute,” I hear you say, “aren’t most of the Club Med and Eastern European countries economic basket cases?”

You’re right. But our rulers will cover this up at least till after the UK EU Referendum. Once that’s over and we, the sheeple, are cowed into voting “Remain”, then the proverbial will hit the fan and, even though we’re not in the Eurozone, the Eurozone scumbags will find some way of making us pay to bail them out.

Anyway, here’s all you never wanted to know about the European Stability Mechanism.

This short (3 minutes) video is perhaps interesting because it shows how Brussels bureaucrats grab power, hide their corruption and give themselves immunity from any accountability by hiding behind a cloud of legalise that no normal person (or journalist) would ever read or understand:

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