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It’s time to brush up your arabic

(weekend blog) I had always assumed it would take about 50 years for Europe to become majority M*sl*m. But with Mad Angela Merkel’s decision (made unilaterally without consulting any other EU leaders) to invite the whole population of Syria and anyone claiming to be Syrian to Europe. And then Mad Merkel’s decision (made unilaterally without consulting any other EU leaders) to invite Turkey’s 75 million mostly impoverished M*sl*ms and anyone claiming to be from Turkey into the EU, the *sl*mification of Europe and its transformation into the *sl*mic paradise of Eurabia, might come a lot sooner.

So I thought I’d use this weekend’s blog to remind readers of some of the most important arabic words they’re going to need in the bright new *sl*mic future being prepared for us all.

Jizya – This is a tax paid by Christians, Jews and other infidels to their M*sl*m rulers. I believe you have three choices with Jizya – you can avoid paying it by converting to *sl*m, you can pay it or, if you don’t pay it, you are killed along with your family

arabic 1


Taqiyya – M*sl*ms are instructed to lie to non-M*sl*ms in order to achieve *sl*mic conquering of non-M*sl*ms and *sl*mic domination of the world. Hence we’re forever seeing supposedly ‘moderate’ M*sl*ms appearing on TV claiming that *sl*m is a religion of peace and anyone who dares criticise *sl*m and suggest that it’s actually an intolerant, violent, primitive, supremacist death cult is a waaaccciiisssttt and *sl*mophobe

arabic 2


Dhimmi – Dhimmis are non-M*sl*ms who willingly submit to living subserviently under their M*sl*m masters and to obey M*sl*m laws and practices. Soon, it seems, we’ll all be dhimmis or dead:

arabic 4

Maybe next week, I’ll do some more arabic words. Or perhaps I should do a guide to the rules on the best way to stone a raped woman to death for ‘adultery’.

3 comments to It’s time to brush up your arabic

  • David Brown

    This is more than a Muslim planed invasion because its actually being covertly facilitated by Merkel and others might be linked to insolvent Deutsche Bank and the elite plan to bring in martial law.
    Back is September 2015 Hungary’s Minister for Trade Peter Szijjaro said the number of migrants rushing to Europe could exceed 35 million. Last Month Czech President Miles Zeman said he was deeply convinced we are facing an organised invasion.
    It seems to be not just the migrants are planing this from their own lands but the Western Elites. Why?

  • Simon

    Agree with you 100% D.B. however, I keep quiet otherwise I face the accusation of being some tin foil hat wearing fruitcake. There are a tiny minority of us out there who are aware of what’s going on. I am a self-employed joiner and the only solution I have found is to act thick and keep my head well and truly under the parapet.

  • […] And a couple of weeks ago, I provided a brief guide to some of the Arabic words you’ll need to learn if you are to successfully adapt to the *sl*mic future our rulers have planned for us […]

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