April 2024

Idiots of Oldham allow the *sl*mification of Britain

(Weekend blog) I must admit I’m lost for words. I didn’t expect UKIP to win in Oldham. But I thought they would come a close second. With Europe being over-run by Third-World hordes, I imagined that the Oldham voters had sufficient brains to realise that Britain would soon cease to exist if Labour ever came to power again.

I was wrong. Even if you discount massive voting fraud from our M*sl*m friends, sadly, the Oldham result suggests that Brits are too lazy or stupid to vote for the preservation of their own country.

Oldham is our future

In the 2001 census, there were around 40 parliamentary constituencies where more than 10% of the population classed themselves as ‘M*sl*m’. In the table below, I’ve listed 23 of these 40 constituencies (as many as I could fit on the table) to show how their M*sl*m populations have grown between the 2001 census and the 2011 census:

islamification speed

The key column to look at is the one on the right – the speed of increase of the M*sl*m population. Most have gone up by 30% to 40% or more in just 10 years.

You’ll see that Oldham West occupies a proud seventh position on this table. In the 10 years from 2001 to 2011, the M*sl*m population of Oldham West shot up by 57.6% from 15.6% in 2001 to 24.6% by 2011. If this rate of increase has continued, by the time of last Thursday’s by-election the M*sl*m population of Oldham West would have been around 30%.

Given that 60% of voters can’t be bothered to vote and that UKIP and the Tories will usually get about a third of the 40% who do vote, the M*sl*m block vote will ensure Labour victories in almost all our cities and towns. After all, if 40% of the population vote and M*sl*m leaders can get two thirds of their community (20% of voters) to vote, then M*sl*ms will make up about half of all those who voted in Oldham West. We already know that many Oldham M*sl*ms took their postal votes along to the local mosque so the ‘elders’  could be sure that all their co-religionists were voting the ‘right way’.

If, by the 2020 General Election say 100 constituencies are 30% or more M*sl*m, then whoever leads Labour, the M*sl*m block vote looks likely to propel Labour to power. And even if Labour don’t win in 2020, with the continuing rapid increase in the M*sl*m population and the decline in the indigenous population, by 2025 Labour will be a shoe-in.

However people vote in the 2017 EU referendum – either for independence or for humiliating subjugation to a German-controlled EU – demographics will ensure that by 2025 we’ll still have surrendered control of our once great country and the M*sl*m takeover will have succeeded.

Turkeys can’t be bothered to vote against Christmas

As for the 60% of Oldham West’s voters who couldn’t even be bothered to vote. This truly is a case of the turkeys being offered the chance to vote against Christmas and being too lazy or too stupid to vote. So, when Christmas comes to Oldham, the turkeys brought it on themselves.

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