November 2023
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Who cares about M*sl*m murderers? Not the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation!

Lots of coverage on the BBC of the story about the Palestinian father and son who died in a fire probably started by Jewish extremists. And lots of air time given to Palestinian leaders screaming for revenge and threatening to take Israel to the International Criminal Court for Israel’s supposedly appalling treatment of Palestinians. And, of course, there were the usual Western ‘useful idiot’ politically-correct, supposed ‘opinion leaders’ condemning Israel’s ‘terrorism’.

But I couldn’t find any similar coverage on the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation of the massacre of 300 civil servants, including about 50 women, by ISIL in Iraq. No condemnations of ISIL and *sl*mist terror. No Western politically-correct opinion leaders stepping forward to demand ISIL leaders should be punished.

Then there was the suicide bomber in Afghanistan who killed 29 and injured another 19. Not much mention of that on the BBC. Not many howls of outrage.

Just during the last 7 days, around 382 M*sl*ms were murdered by fellow M*sl*ms without hardly a mention by the BBC. In addition another 11 Christians and 2 Hindus were also dispatched by our M*sl*m friends. And finally there were 3 homosexuals sent to hell for their ‘foul perversion’ by our M*sl*m brothers. I can’t remember the BBC carrying their story either. I can’t remember the normally vociferously pro-LGBT BBC bemoaning their fate.

When a Jew or a white supremacist steps out of line and commits some act of violence, the BBC’s *sl*mophiliac news editors simply can’t get enough of the story. But they are remarkably silent when it comes to daily murders by M*sl*ms of other M*sl*ms, Christians, Hindus, women and homosexuals.

(Nor have we heard from our ‘national treasure’ Stephen ‘Fatty’ Fry about his anger over the many homosexuals being thrown off high buildings, stoned or shot by ISIL. Strange, when Fatty was so vociferous in his condemnation of Russia for supposed ‘oppression’ of homosexuals when the elected Russian parliament passed a law banning the promotion of homosexuality to under-age children)

The cowardice and hypocrisy of the BBC is why it should be cut down to size – maybe two subscription TV channels and a couple of taxpayer-funded radio stations at most. The BBC deliberately lied to us about the EU. The BBC deliberately lied to us about immigration. And now the BBC is deliberately lying to us about the true nature of the Religion of Peace. The BBC has forfeited any right to our money.

And here are the many murders committed over the last week by M*sl*ms which received scant or no mention at all by BBC news journalists and not much outrage by the ‘useful idiot’ pious, holier-than-thou, attention-seeking, professional handwringers

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2015.08.09 Iraq Mosul 300 0 Fifty women are among three hundred civil servants executed en masse by the Islamic State.
2015.08.08 Afghanistan Kunduz 29 19 A suicide bomber plows into a crowd of people, massacring over two dozen.
2015.08.07 Mali Sevare 10 8 A Fedayeen suicide assault on a hotel used by UN staff leaves ten others dead.
2015.08.07 Afghanistan Kabul 20 240 A suicide bomber detonates in the city center, killing at least twenty civilians, including a teacher and six children.
2015.08.06 Libya Misrata 1 0 A pro-Sharia group abducts a secular judge, tortures him for a month and then executes him.
2015.08.06 Saudi Arabia Abha 15 25 Fifteen worshippers at a mosque are sent straight to Allah by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2015.08.05 Nigeria Borno 1 0 A kidnapped policeman is beheaded to shouts of ‘Allah Akbar’.
2015.08.05 Iraq Diyala 13 9 A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out thirteen Iraqis.
2015.08.04 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 5 9 Fundamentalists blow a family of five to bits, including three children, with a rocket attack on their home.
2015.08.04 India Udhampur 2 8 Militant Muslims attack a police convoy and kill two members.
2015.08.04 Cameroon Tchakarmari 7 20 Militants fighting for an Islamic state slaughter seven villagers.
2015.08.03 Syria Hama 3 0 Three accused homosexuals are forced to their knees and then shot in the head by caliphate members.

3 comments to Who cares about M*sl*m murderers? Not the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation!

  • david brown

    May I suggest someone starts a Facebook page Stephen Fry is a fat coward.

  • Scooper

    Same problem with the reporting of white on black crime in the U.S. I’m not suggesting that state police are not heavy handed, but the number of innocent, good family man, blacks who get needlessly shot by the police seems to be rather high. Of course, the liberal media and usual race agitators make sure that we rarely hear the full story. What is it about these peace loving, kind souls that make the police believe that they can only be stopped with terminal force?
    But the black ghettos of American cities are awash with the corpses of black teenagers killed by other blacks in gang/drug related violence yet the likes of Al Sharpton remain quiet. But I suppose there is little point in trying to sort out that mess if you can’t make a quick buck.

  • Actually, when faced with threats from our friends from the Religion of Peace, sadly we’re all cowards.

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