October 2020
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Obummer gives mad mullahs the bomb and the money

So there we have it. Just like Neville Chamberlain coming back from his negotiations with Hitler promising “peace in our time” we have the bouffant John Kerry waving his worthless paper signed by the mad mullahs of Iran.

The *sl*mophiliac BBC is having orgasms about the supposed ‘deal’ and repeatedly talks about the ‘surprise inspections’ that those monitoring Iran’s compliance will be able to make.

But it is my understanding that the terms of the compromise agreement reached yesterday give inspectors access to sites but not without warning or ‘due suspicion’. Tehran would have the right to challenge any request to visit a site and receive a hearing at an arbitration board composed of officials from Iran and the six world powers it has negotiated with. Oh dear. Am I the only person who can see a small problem with this?

mad mullahs

Iran is a country that sponsors terrorism throughout the Middle East. That constantly shouts death to the US and to Israel and Jews – and means it. That has a proven record of lying and deceit. And Obama believes that a short-term 10-year agreement will suddenly change Iran into a loving member of the Obama family! This is surely wishful thinking run wild.

We know that once sanctions are lifted, they will be hard to put back in place. Yet, Obama continues with his idea that they will “snap shut” if Iran breaks any of the agreement. This, again is wishful thinking. Russia for one, and possibly China and France, will not allow it to happen so easily, if at all. Moreover, once India and China are buying cheap Iranian oil, they’re not going to stop just because of some silly ‘agreement’.

Obama has antagonised his long standing and proven allies in the Middle East in order to jump into a very dangerous unknown with a very dangerous new “partner”.

Barack Obama may have has obsessively pursued an historic nuclear “deal” with Iran. But has he or those like him even considered the over-riding question of why Iran wants to have a nuclear capacity?

They certainly don’t need it for energy generating purposes as they have oil and solar power aplenty. And it only has one other application. Even the possibility that a fundamentalist *sl*mic regime, certainly one already engaged in an expansionist sectarian conflict in the region, should be left with the capacity to develop nuclear weapons, should send alarm bells ringing not just through the Mideast but the whole world.

At least the nuclear stand-off between Western powers and the Soviet Union was based on a recognition by both of the very secular deterrent of MAD – mutually assured destruction. But the same rules don’t apply when dealing with *sl*mic fundamentalists

We know from the almost daily evidence of suicide bombings how many M*sl*ms are convinced that martyrdom and life in the supposed next world is more important than life in this one. To such people a nuclear holocaust would not only be welcome but would be a suicide bombing on the grandest scale.

We’ve also heard the chilling mantra of *sl*mic terrorists groups like Hezbollah: “You are in love with life and we are in love with death” and these are the people Iran actively supports. If nothing else this should make any sane person who considers the possibility of any “deal” with a country like Iran that leaves it with the capacity to develop nuclear weapons, shudder.


Iran will end up with the bomb and the sanctions lifted – exactly what they were after all along. Handing nuclear weapons to a Shia theocracy who have one eye on their upcoming leading and starring role in the Apocalypse (which they are eagerly looking forward to) may not be the smartest move.

2 comments to Obummer gives mad mullahs the bomb and the money

  • MGJ

    According to the BBC, a poll found that 56% of Iranians thought that sanctions had hurt their livelihoods “a great deal”.

    So they were effective.

    Following this deal, who gained what? The Iranian leaders get to keep their nukes and get sanctions lifted. Further benefits include an improved international status having “compromised” and an improved domestic standing having shown such care and empathy for its own people.

    In return Obama gained an “ally”. Against whom exactly?!

    They seem to hate pretty much everybody already. Whatever else you may say about them, they are in the other team (Shia) to IS, al-Qaeda and the Taliban (all Sunni). Also oil is practically being given away free by the Saudis so that tends to exclude the usual motivation.

    We all know what happens when you reward bad behaviour. I don’t see this ending well for anybody.

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