July 2024

The African invasion – hey, you ain’t seen nothing yet

As readers will know, the British navy, while cutting its strength from 37,500 to 29,000 in order to save money, has been busy making people traffickers rich by providing free ferry services for any African or Arab who feels like moving to Europe to live off crime and/or benefits.

So far this year at least 60,000 migrants have decided that, having destroyed their own countries through stupidity, religious intolerance, corruption, laziness and incompetence, they’d rather like to move to Europe and do to our countries what they’ve done to their own blighted, hell-hole homelands:

we've ruined our countries

And, of course, the politically correct and self-appointed, self-righteous opinion leaders tell us that it’s our humanitarian duty to help the African and Arab swarms. But how many can we cope with?

Here’s a chart of the change in population of Europe and Africa over the last 65 years:

Africa population vs Europe

Am I really the only person who can see a small problem? Every year another few hundred thousand babies are born in wealthy Europe. Every year around another 30 million babies are born in stinking, excrement-covered, diseased, poverty-stricken Africa.

Every 25 years, the population of Europe goes up by around 3%. Every 25 years the population of Africa doubles.

About 600,000 babies are born in hell-hole Africa every week. More babies are born in Africa each week than are born in Europe each year.

The massive, explosive, uncontrolled population growth in impoverished Africa is something the charities never mention when they show their sad pictures of starving black babies. And no politician or journalist dares talk about this as they’d immediately be branded a “waaaacccciiisssstt” and lose their well-paid jobs.

What Africa needs is population control, not aid.

So, how many Africans are we going to bring to Europe each year? One million? Five million? Ten million? I doubt any of our rulers would like to answer that question.

Looking at Africa’s population growth, if you think 10,000 Africans and Arabs moving to Europe each month seems rather a lot, then in the immortal words of Bachman Turner Overdrive “b..b…b…baby you ain’t seen nothing yet, here’s something you’ll never forget, you just ain’t been around”


3 comments to The African invasion – hey, you ain’t seen nothing yet

  • david brown

    on Putins propaganda RT channel this morning a demo in Berlin in support of letting them in. What is it with the great liberal death wish in which so many desire the suicide of the west.
    Italy is threatening to give the ones it has EU travel documents. All this can be seen online in the respective African states.
    Most of Asia has low population growth. India now has an average of 2.4 children per female. China and Japan is below replacement level.
    Africa has had a huge surge in population with no expansion of economy. It was Gaddafi whom Cameron helped to bump off who said if Europe becomes full of Africans will it stay as Europe.
    Set before the peoples of Europe is life and death. That is the death of Europe. Why will the people not choose life so they and their descendants might live?

  • Keen Reader

    Short termism reigns, as always. When the politicians have brought this disaster upon us, they will retreat for the remainder of their days, with their generous pensions (plus what they’ve made from their extra-Parliamentary activities, being an MP constituting only a small part of the working year)to some guarded and gated estate, where they will live out the remainder of their days blissfully unaffected by the consequences their disregard for events – or indeed, their active embrace of left-wing ideology – will have brought on the rest of us. Unless something is done very soon to prevent it – and there’s nothing we ordinary folk can do – Western civilisation as we know it is doomed.

  • how about “some people” sit back and take the heat as it overwelms you like “other people” who did not have the freedom to comment died for thear own land. at least they are going there to make a life for themselves and not to overthrow the goverment, burn villages and make the country cought up in lies and deceptive behaviours just like “we” europians! think about it

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