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Are M*sl*ms always bad news?

Officially there are around 2.8 million M*sl*ms in Britain making up 4.4% of the population. So, taking account of illegal immigrants and the fact that several hundred thousand ‘Dutch’ Somalis may have moved here because benefits in the UK are much better than in the Netherlands, there are probably at least 3.5 million. But that’s still only around 5.5% of the population.

However, has anyone else noticed that despite being only around 5.5% of Britain’s population, stories about Britain’s M*slims make up 30% to 50% of each day’s news? The big story today – some M*sl*m women and their children have left Britain and probably gone to join ISIL. This is being reported as some kind of great tragedy for our nation – here’s a typical politically correct newspaper headline Nine British children in grave peril amid fears mothers took them to Syria to join ISIL – and hundreds of thousands of pounds of our money will be wasted on the police trying to find out what happened.

bradford children

But I suspect most people in Britain will be relieved that these idiots have gone and will be hoping they never come back.

Then yesterday the big story was the British moron who became the youngest UK suicide bomber. Again his death was reported as some great loss for our country and little mention was made of the real victims – the eleven people killed by this murdering psychopath. I suspect most people in Britain will be delighted that this bearded a***hole is now f**king virgins in Paradise and will feel our country is a much better place without him.

Every day there are more stories about the 60,000 migrants (mostly M*sl*ms) who have been ferried across the Med by European navies eager to help people smugglers and our leaders are telling us how enriched our country would be if we allow thousands of them to come to Benefits Britain. I suspect most Brits will view their inevitable arrival here with fear and horror.

There are estimated to be 1.8 billion M*sl*ms in the world making up about 25% of the population. But though M*sl*ms are just 25% of the world population, they seem to account for about 80% to 90% of world conflicts.

In Thailand, M*sl*ms have been fighting the majority Buddhists for decades. In India there’s regular trouble between M*sl*ms and the majority Hindus. M*sl*m Pakistan is at daggers drawn with Hindu India and within Pakistan M*sl*ms are eagerly slaughtering each other. Across the border in Afghanistan there’s a very uncivil war between M*sl*ms. In China, there have been years of problems with their M*sl*ms. In Myanmar, the majority Buddhists are so fed up with M*sl*m violence that they’re throwing them out and sending them to M*sl*m Malaysia and Indonesia. In the Middle East, we’ve had more then half a century of M*sl*ms trying to destroy tiny Israel. And now across the Middle East, M*slims are both slaughtering the few remaining Christians they can find and also busily slaughtering each other.

ISIL brutality

Meanwhile M*sl*m terror attacks are increasing across Europe and in the USA.

In fact, the only current conflicts I can think of not involving M*sl*ms is the small fracas between Russia and the EU in the Ukraine and the occasional low-level guerrilla warfare in some impoverished South American country.

And when there are ‘good news’ stories – scientific advances, acts of courage, artistic achievements – they seldom if ever involve M*sl*ms.

Faced with this torrent of news about the problems being caused by M*sl*ms across the world, if one was a stupid waaacccciiiissssttt like me, one might begin to wonder whether M*sl*ms are always ‘bad news’.

4 comments to Are M*sl*ms always bad news?

  • Peter

    The UK breeding ground for jihadis where even the ice cream lady wears a burka:

    How Dewsbury, the once great textile town of the North, has undergone a terrifying transformation..

    Savile Town in Dewsbury where the population of more than 4,000 people consists of just 48 white Britons

  • MGJ

    I was trying to think of a counter-example, i.e. a good news story involving a m****m and the best I can manage is the Nobel Peace prize awarded to Malala Yousafzai.

    Nit-pickers will respond by pointing out that her life was blighted by her co-religionists’ attempts to deny her – or any other female – an education or any other human rights before ultimately trying to murder her. But let’s give credit where it is due – without I***m, she’d never have received the Nobel prize.

    (No, I’m not being serious!).

  • brian

    This is my good news Muslim story!! Three Muslim females who are all sisters, that have scarpered to Syria with nine of their children in tow to join ISIS where they might get killed can only be good news.

    Now , if we just do a rough calculation as to how much money this saves the country in child benefit, social housing , hospital bills, education & infrastructure and the rest , with only a few more liberated ladies like this, running off like that our immigration services might just be able to afford to pay for some extra security at Dover in case they decide to come back.

    Meanwhile the three bearded fathers are furious at the British authorities for allowing their wives to leave. You can see their point. As if it’s not expensive enough removing their missus clits so they behave themselves and then handing over a flock of goats as a dowry, there is the cost of the arranged marriage on top and then the expense of flying in their extended sub Saharan families from Bongo Bongo land.

    In the words of Allah, ” you couldn’t make it up”

    This is perhaps why the three high flying “businessmen” fathers appear to have been ” working” out of the country when the sisters did a bunk, or were they really just shacked up with their second and third wives who live in other council flats along the road. I bet that even though they were out the country they still are collecting benefits. same for the naughty sisters. they will still be collecting their family allowances, paid directly into their bank accounts.

    yea , that must be it !. As 75% of Muslim men don’t work, the chances of three of them being involved who do actually work are statistically about 200 to one.

    So I think I will start a charity to help them on their way back to which ever sink hole they come from. For just three pounds you can help send a Muslim to join ISIS. I will of course need the £138,000.00 annual salary that goes with the job, because if you don’t pay these kind of salaries, you won’t get the best people.

  • NoMore

    Those little girls should have won the lottery having been born into one of the best countries on Earth. Actually though they were just born into a remote Pakistani enclave (Islamabad with cr*p weather) thanks to multiculturalism and backward Islum.

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