February 2024
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Where will Red Ed find the money? In your pocket

We know that Red Ed and his boss Len McCluskey want to ‘bring back socialism’, and Harriet Harperson says ‘the middle should pay more’, so here are a few ways Red Ed could raise money for the massive splurge in public spending that he wants to unleash in order to subsidise the workshy and fund open borders immigration from the Third World:

– Increased income tax over £40,000, with new bands leading to 60% over £80,000 and 75% over £100,000 pa.

– Increased tax on investment income (dividends)

– A new wealth tax with the threshold starting at £1m.

– Increased capital gains tax, at personal income tax rate, with no provision for inflation and reduced tax-free band to £5,000

– Capital gains tax introduced on sale of principle residences. Threshold £500,000.

– Inheritance Tax rates starting at 50% (up from 40% today) with new bands up to 75%, and an end to loopholes such as the one he and his brother used to reduce tax on their father’s estate

– A council tax revaluation and removal of the council tax freeze leading to large council tax increases for all homes

– Additional 50% council tax for second residences.

– An immediate new Mansion Tax on all homes worth £2m or more as an interim measure before the new wealth tax in 2017, threshold £1m

– No state pension for those with private provision over £20,000 pa

– Exchange controls from 2016, annual limit £5,000, to prevent people moving their money out of the reach of his many new taxes

In addition, to ensure Labour stay in power, even after they have completely destroyed the economy, he will lower the voting age to 16 for the 2020 election.

And to ensure Britain never again has the temerity to imagine it is a proud independent country , he will sneak through a massive handover of our sovereignty to whoever rules Germany (and thus the EU)

That a third of the British electorate even consider voting for Ed Miliband is almost incredible. But then you have to remember that around 54% of British voters get more in benefits and public services than they pay in taxes. So they’ll always vote for whoever is willing to spend more of other people’s money on them. We really run the risk of getting the government the stupid, majority deserve. And that would be a disaster for Britain or the country formerly known as ‘Great Britain’.

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(By the way, less than 300 people have viewed my new YouTube video. Yet the worst, most inane garbage gets 100,000s of views. Surely, some readers can be bothered to send the link to their contacts? We need many thousands of people to see this video, not just a couple of hundred)

2 comments to Where will Red Ed find the money? In your pocket

  • mike mines

    Likkle Ed, our very own 419 scammer, bless.

  • david brown

    the item about exchange controls is interesting. I assume that if he did it would be done over night without warning. It would only be imposed on individuals not of the financial section of the city or private companies. So the thing to do is set up a limited company in say Croatia and send funds to it. Using fake invoices.

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