September 2018
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Wishing you all…….

My family and I would like to wish all our readers a politically-correct, interdenominational, multicultural Christmas and a Jihadi New Year



We’ll be back with Snouts-in-the-Trough on January 5th 2015

(By the way, as it’s the season for giving, I thought it worth mentioning that donations are now up to £200 with around 2% of readers having contributed)

Oh, and to cheer you all up over the festive season, here’s Dominic Frisby reminding us that when the party is over, we have some debts we’re going to have to repay: (click in the centre to play the song/video)

5 comments to Wishing you all…….

  • John Fields

    That means that 98 per cent of your readers have not contributed a penny to a great
    blog. What a load of cheap skates!

  • As the fictional character Francis Urquart said “You might think that, I couldn’t possibly comment”

  • Concerned

    You should have an advert or two. Most people will click ads on the site.

  • I’m not sure that would work. It will cost me a fair bit to make the necessary changes to the website and as you see from the fact that only 2% of readers will donate anything, people nowadays expect everything for free. This is very different to the Britain I knew before I went to work abroad for 20 years.

  • Chris

    You all might be interested in

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