June 2021
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The Eurozone disaster that we’re paying for

It’s almost pathetic watching the shallow, PR spiv Dodgy David Cameron squealing about the EU’s demand for £1.7bn when he probably knew all about it months ago. But Dodgy is trying to look tough ahead of the Rochester by-election.

But hopefully the EU’s latest attack on cash-cow Britain has shown even the stupidest Brits that the EU is NOT a “Club” dedicated to free trade. It’s really just a wealth transfer system – a bit like our tax and benefits- whereby those that earn the most have to give huge sums to those that are too lazy or ignorant to work. The puffed-up, arrogant French, for example, with their 35-hour week and early retirement, will be getting the biggest slug of Britain’s £1.7bn. How they must be laughing.

We are being made to pay for the Eurozone’s failures just as ordinary British taxpayers have to pay for those in Britain – up to 80% of Somalis, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Ethiopians, Eritreans, Afghanis – who have no intention of ever working (or at least working in a job where they have to declare their income) and who intend to spend their lives sponging off the fools who do work and do pay taxes.

Here’s a chart showing the extent of the Eurozone’s failures. It shows the level of unemployment by country for all citizens (the red columns) and for the under-25s (the blue columns) (click to see more clearly)


As you’ll see, some countries are little short of catastrophes – Greece, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Portugal and of course professional parasite France.

But not only is the Eurozone a disaster, it’s getting worse by the day. Here’s a chart showing the trend in unemployment for the under-25s in a few key EU countries (click to see more clearly)

EU unemployment 2

Greece, Spain, Italy, France and the overall Eurozone are not really going in the right direction.

So, the latest £1.7bn bill won’t be the last. We’ll be paying ever more for many years to come to subsidise the Eurozone countries that are collapsing due to the incompetent economic policies of the corrupt, wasteful, over-paid, over-pensioned EU elites and the idleness or tax-dodging of their populations.

Time to leave the “EU Club” before it bankrupts us?

2 comments to The Eurozone disaster that we’re paying for

  • BaronessBonkers

    I think you would do well to inform the populace of how much money the EU gives away/grants/etc to countries which are not in the EU -Pakistan, Africa,Caribbean, you name it as they are all there.
    It seems to me that the EU has created a vast do-good body with programme after report after conference after eights to give all the money to poor little people of ethnic persuasions. Not with my money chum.

  • Hopefully my next book THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL will be published within the next few weeks and will shed some light on the Foreign Aid Fiasco

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