April 2014
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Useless Ashton’s empire-building is going to turn nasty

Here we go again. Our wonderful politicians and ever-obedient media are desperately demonising Putin and beating the war drums over the situation in the Ukraine. But let’s stand back for a moment and remember how the whole mess started.

Putin is being accused of meddling in the Ukraine’s internal affairs. But who is this? Oh […]

Mo Farah wins London Marathon!!

You might have thought that Mo Farah only came in at an impressive eight in the London Marathon. But, in the money stakes, it looks to me like he won (click to see clearly)

Actually, this might be a little unfair to Mo Farah OBE as the organisers don’t reveal how much […]

Run, Mo, run! Away from the taxman!

Today the great British Olympian Mo Farah OBE will be running the London Marathon. Oh, how the enthusiastic crowds will cheer him on. And how TV reporters will blether on about how much we all love Mo, with his cheeky smile and his ‘Mobot’ gesture. But does Mo love us quite as much as we […]

Why can’t our useless leaders see who our real enemies are?

It’s the weekend, so I’ll keep it short.

Our leaders are beating the war drums again. Now we’re being shown photos supposedly of Russian troops massing on the Ukrainian border ready for an invasion. These photos may be recent as John ‘Cold War’ Kerry claims. Or they may be months old as the Russians claim. […]

Taken in by the “Transformation” trick?

Hopefully readers will have noticed the frequency with which our masters are using the words “transform” and “transformation”. The latest person to announce he would transform something is Simon Stevens, the new boss of NHS England who replaces Sir David Nicholson, the man responsible for but who never took responsibility for the Mid-Staffs hospital disaster. […]

A message from the Right Honourable Maria Miller

Yesterday I managed to have a quick chat to the Right Honourable Maria Miller after she so nobly sacrificed her ministerial career so that we could all concentrate on the many wonderful things achieved by the Government.

This is what Maria Miller really wanted to say to us:

“How dare you? HOW […]

Otto Thoresen – the new Angela Knight?

Today I’d like to introduce Mr Otto Thoresen to those readers who may not have heard of him. Otto is head of the Association of British Insurers (ABI). So what? You might think. Well, just as the (IMHO) ghastly, self-serving, greedy, bullying creature Angela Knight defended our corrupt, lying, thieving banks, Otto is (IMHO) doing […]

Does Oscar deserve an Oscar?

In spite of today’s ‘everyone is a victim’ and ‘nobody is responsible for anything’ society, I’m having trouble accepting the wailing and howling of a few recent supposed ‘victims’.

Firstly Oscar Pistorius This is a man with almost superhuman willpower which has enabled him to overcome a terrible handicap. Yet day after day, we see […]

The EUSSR – a warning from a former Soviet dissident

In case you don’t know this one, here’s a warning from former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky (I’ve made just one small change).

“It is really puzzling to me that having just buried one monster – the Soviet Union – another remarkably similar one – the European Union – is being built.

The Soviet Union was […]

The Lords of Looting laugh at our stupidity

Yesterday, I mentioned just a few ways our crooked MPs massively enrich themselves at our expense. But what about our lords? How honest are they?

Here are just a few indications that the venerable House of Lords is just as much of a cess pit as the sleaze-ridden Commons:

1. More Money, Money, Money In […]