December 2012
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I thought it worth reproducing an ad that appeared in my local newspaper. It seems to represent much that is wrong in Britain today where millions of people apparently believe there’s no point in getting an education or working as they’re entitled to money either from being a talentless minor celeb on a supposed “reality” […]

Here’s a chart to cheer you up over Christmas – if you’re a millionaire or a politician

As our taxes go up (the Treasury plans to put tax revenue up by 30% by 2016): as prices go up (especially energy and water because of the utterly incompetent and corrupt Ofgem and Ofwat): as our politicians each claim on average £40,000 a year more in taxfree expenses than they did before the expenses […]

Which are the most stupid? German eco-fascists or British ones?

Over the last decade, Germany has spent almost £100bn subsidising solar power. The only problem is that Germany is mainly a northern European country with plenty of clouds even in the summer and gloomy rain-drenched winters. So solar power only provides 0.3% of German power. And, if we round that 0.3% to the nearest whole […]

Will Mark Carney have the balls to stop Balls bankrupting Britain?

Our incompetent, part-time work experience chancellor gave us all a pleasant surprise when he appointed Canadian Mark Carney as the new governor of the BoE and bypassed the (IMHO) sycophantic, lying, self-serving, greedy, complacent, ignorant, overpaid, overpensioned BoE buffoons Paul Tucker and Charles Bean.

Carney starts his new job in mid-2013, less than 2 years […]

Lying, incompetent fool Osborne lets the banks screw us and screw us and screw us

Next week, I have a 3-year fixed interest bond maturing. I used to get 4.5% interest, now Britannia are offering me a supposedly “highly competitive” 2% claiming this will “keep your savings working harder”. With inflation at around 2.7% and with my interest being taxed at 20% (giving me just 1.6% interest after tax), I […]

Why did I waste my life making other people rich? Why was I a sheep, not a wolf?

As I look back on the wreckage of my time on earth, I can’t believe I was stupid enough to spend much of my life making other people much richer than I would ever be. I sit at home, unable to work because I’ve been blacklisted by the management consultancy ‘profession’ for exposing how consultants […]

Why are we throwing 20 million young people on the scrap heap? To protect the jobs of the euro-elite?

There are probably about 20 million young people (aged 18-29) without jobs in the EU. In Greece 55% don’t have jobs. In Spain it’s 53%. In Italy – 35%. The EU – 23%. Britain – 21%. Meanwhile in the US it’s just 17% and in fast-developing Asia an incredibly low 9%.

This is a problem […]

Killing off pensioners to pay for immigrants – the Government’s great new way to save money

Every day in the winter months, at least 240 people die of cold-related illnesses in Britain – that’s about ten an hour or one every six minutes. Most of them are pensioners who can’t afford to heat their homes properly.

Official figures show the number of deaths linked to cold over the winter period is […]

Why are the people 33,000 feet below me all killing each other?

For 20 years I had to take at least two flights a week to get to work. I still love flying and, although I understand the physics behind flight, I still can’t quite get my mind round how a huge lump of metal full of coughing people, screaming children, plastic chicken and cardboard bread rolls […]

Britain’s eco-idiots will ruin us all – how the Chinese must be laughing

After the Doha talks, the LibDem energy buffoon has signed Britain up to reducing our energy use while our competitors in China, India and elsewhere can pollute as much as they like. As our ever “greener” energy costs ever more and wrecks British business destroying British jobs, how the Chinese must be laughing at our […]