December 2011
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In ten years we’ll be tearing down the windfarms

It’s always risky predicting the future – but this one is a ‘no brainer’. Within the next ten years we will have realised (what we already know today) – that windfarms are an expensive joke which only produce about a tenth of the energy they’re supposed to. And when people realise that windfarms were always […]

Another week: another Euro crisis meeting: another pack of lies?

Here we go again. Every week Merkel and Sarkozy have a get together, come up with a new Grand Plan to save the euro and announce it with a great fanfare only for the whole thing to collapse within a couple of days as investors realise it’s just another pack of lies from two puffed-up, […]

It’s party time Down Under

Here in Australia it’s party time – Cristmas is approaching and that marks the start of the summer holidays. The restaurants are full, the bars overflowing, the shops crowded. After all, everyone has loads of money and not a care in the world apart from some localised flooding and the odd bush fire. Europe’s financial […]

Greedy wasteful public-sectorcrats will bankrupt us all

As the wasteful, overpaid, public sector workers go on strike to preserve their privileges, it’s worth looking at a few figures. Some of those on strike are members of the “100,000 Club” – the 100,000 or so public -sector employees who earn over £100,000 a year. They will retire on pensions of around £70,000 a […]

Why are our police so thick? Because the smart ones have left

You may have noticed our police seem to be becoming thicker and more thuggish by the day. Partly this is understandable as they have to deal with the appaling social consequences of two of Blair/Brown’s key policies – destruction of the two-parent family and the removal of any hint of aspiration from the education system. […]