August 2011
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Grovelling Observer allows repulsive liar Blair to rewrite history

The (in my opinion) repulsive lying war criminal and multimillionaire Anthony Blair has been allowed to write an article in the Observer. In the article Blair as usual claims he is innocent of everything – in this case, the moral and social decline that happened during his ten years at Number 10 and which led […]

Coward Cameron calls heroic Afghan freedom-fighters ‘cowards’

Our lying cowardly PM David ‘Liar’ Cameron has just called the attack on the British Council in Kabul “cowardly”. Hold on a minute, the attackers went in against a heavily guarded target against overwhelming odds in the full knowledge that they would be killed. That’s not ‘cowardly’, that’s true heroism. These were Afghan freedom fighters […]

Public-sector rats fill their pockets before abandoning ship

Normally rats abandon a sinking ship. However, in the case of sinking Britain, the rats in the public-sector are all filling their own pockets with as much of our money as they can before they all head off to retirement in their French and Italian villas. Our politicians, protected by Liar Cameron, continue to fiddle […]

Don’t put your savings in unit trust ‘Funds of Funds’

The most popular savings products at the moment are unit trust ‘funds of funds’. These are unit trusts which invest savers’ money in other unit trusts. This is completely stupid. Over the next 5-10 years the stock market will give returns of somewhere from 3% to 5% a year. If your money is in unit […]

Cameron you fool – if Arabs want to kill each other it’s not our problem

Here they go again. Our lying PM David ‘Conqueror’ Cameron and his new buddy Nicholas ‘Smallcock’ Sarkozy are now interfering in Syria’s internal affairs. They’ve started by demanding that the goofy-looking idiot running Syria resigns. What are they going to do next? Start bombing? We have now been encouraging Afghan freedom fighters to kill our […]

Bono, put your big money where your big mouth is

News that U2 singer Bono’s shares in Facebook are now worth close to $1bn should cheer the hearts of the world’s poorest. After all, was it not the tax-avoiding Bono who has campaigned to have us ordinary taxpayers give endless amounts of our money to be stolen by the leaders of the world’s most corrupt […]

Cowardly Dutch and Finns surrender to Germany without a fight

History is repeating itself. Seventy years ago, the Dutch surrendered to Germany without so much as a fart of resistance. Now the Dutch have done it again. Like other countries in the eurozone, the Dutch have surrendered their sovereignty to Germany without even the slightest murmur of resistance. ‘Muttonhead’ Merkel and ‘Smallcock’ Sarzozy get together […]

Create Third World jobs – send criminals to prison in Africa

Almost all the aid we send to Africa is stolen by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. The only way to help ordinary Africans is to give them jobs. So why not have a “3 strikes and out rule” in Britain. Any criminal convicted for a third offence is automatically sent to serve their sentence in an […]

Coulson, Cameron, Brooks, the Murdochs – are they liars? Surely not!

Am I alone in thinking that the Murdochs have been lying about their knowledge of phone hacking? Am I alone in thinking that Coulson has lied about phone hacking? Am I alone in thinking that Rebekah Brooks has been lying about phone hacking? Am I alone in thinking Cameron has been lying about his knowledge […]

Politicians and bureaucrats party as the rest of us suffer

When is a cut not a cut? When it is implemented by pompous liar George Osborne. Our lying chancellor claims he is cutting public spending, yet it goes up every month. That’s Osbornomics for you. One reason public spending keeps increasing is because Cameron and Osborne keep shovelling our cash into the pockets of their […]