March 2011
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Cameron the Crusader unites Arab world

Perhaps we should congratulate the three flatulent, self-admiring fools Cameron, Hague and Sarkozy. After all they are about to achieve what no leader, not even an Israeli, has ever achieved. They are about to unite the Arab world. Unfortunately the Arabs will be united against us for what they believe is our aggression against their […]

The Arabs don’t want your war, Cameron you lying idiot

A few hours after Cameron the Conqueror ‘bravely’ sent his troops off to the war he so desperately wanted, the Arab League performed a wonderful volte face and distanced themselves from Cameron’s and Sarkozy’s attempts to become popular by winning a quick war. Soon we’ll have mass protests in Arab countries against the West’s new […]

Westminster’s “warriors” rush to war

There’s been a massive attack of pomposity and self-righteousness at Westminster as our thieving, lying leaders take us into yet another pointless war. Liar Cameron the Crusader can now parade about looking (he hopes) Churchillian as sycophantic journalists praise his courage and statesmanship. But does Liar Cameron have a plan? What’s he going to do […]

Score so far: Gaddaffi 1 Cameron 0

Madman Muammar Gaddaffi seems to have outwitted Cameron the Conqueror and Tiny Todger Sarkozy by declaring an immediate ceasefire. This has left Cameron and the vertically-challenged frog frothing in frustration that they haven’t got the war and the glory they wanted. So now Cameron the Crusader is off to Paris to plot with Sarkozy how […]

Cameron the lying coward goes to war

I felt physically sick just now watching our self-satisfied, overpaid, thieving, self-serving MPs crowing in delight as they start yet another unnecessary war with a Muslim country. The BBC was just as shameful. It’s meant to be balanced but ‘forgot’ to invite anyone on the programme who had the brains to be against yet another […]

Cameron the Crusader gets his war

Following yesterday’s shameful vote at the corrupt UN, it looks like our lying PM David Cameron is going to get the war he’s been salivating over for the last couple of weeks. Now he thinks he can stride around being a great international statesman just like his hero Blair. Doesn’t our stupid PM realise he’s […]

Students – you are being conned by Willets and his mates

Our lying leaders, who would have had their university fees paid by the taxpayer, claim that the deficit means today’s students must pay a fortune for their education. This is a bunch of lies. What is happening is that the ruling generation has put its own financial well-being before that of young people. If the […]

Does doctor know best? Or does Lansley?

The doctors’ trade union, the BMA, is predictably up in arms over the proposed reforms to the NHS. But, of course, doctors have always opposed any changes to healthcare. When the NHS was first proposed, opposition from doctors was fierce. However, as with so many previous changes, when more money was put on the table, […]

Never trust a finance journalist! Ever!

While researching and writing my latest book Pillaged! I’ve had to read the personal finance/money sections of the main weekend newspapers. I noticed a curious coincidence. When a supposedly ‘impartial’ journalist recommended investing in say emerging markets or frontier markets, there would often be an ad for some unit trust working in precisely the markets […]

Will Cameron get his war?

David Liar Cameron seems desperate to have a war in a Muslim country, just like his hero Liar Blair. With the useless Arab League now recommending a no-fly zone over Libya, Cameron the Coward’s dream of his very own war may be fulfilled. It’s a pity it hasn’t occurred to Liar Cameron or William “I’m-too-busy-earning-money-to-do-my-job” […]