January 2011
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Will Monitor ever monitor?

Monitor is the organisation set up by NuLabour to ensure that NHS trusts are properly run and provide a high standard of care. It was Monitor who turned a blind eye while mismanagement at the Stafford NHS Trust led to over 1,000 avoidable patient deaths. Even after the scale of the massacre became clear, Monitor’s […]

They’ll do anything for love (of money)

News that a surgically enhanced female is splitting from her cage-fighting husband may have come as a great shock to afficionados of those ghastly celeb gossip mags. However, anyone with just a few functioning braincells will suspect that Katie Price’s “marriage” to Alex Reid was a sham all the time, just arranged in PR heaven […]

NHS – bend over, here it comes again

When I worked as a management consultant we went into many organisations which had the BOHICA (bend over, here it comes again) syndrome. Basically, their managers were so incompetent that they kept endlessly reorganising to cover up their own incompetence. That’s what happening in the NHS under the management of our useless, self-serving, thieving, lying […]

Are the stupid Canadians about to ban all art?

The idiots north of the US border have decided to ban Dire Straits’ song Money for Nothing on the basis that it mentions the word “faggott” three times. The politically correct Canadian buffoons apparently consider that a song written 29 years ago is offensive to people who share Peter Mandelson’s belief that penises and anuses […]

Have Virgin been hiring BA’s awful staff?

I recently went to the US with Virgin and paid a fair whack to travel in their Premium Economy section. It was awful. The staff were arrogant, unfriendly and unhelpful – more interested in chatting amongst themselves than serving their passengers. You almost had to beg to get a second glass of wine with your […]

Cameron, you lying dickhead – Tesco destroys jobs

Our lying PM David “we’re all in this together” Cameron has apparently held a meeting with a few companies to make it look like he is trying to help create jobs. One of those companies is the predatory, job-destroying supermarket giant Tesco. As Liar Cameron has never had a proper job, he probably doesn’t understand […]

Is Bournemouth the most corrupt town in Britain?

Down here in Bournemouth the stench of corruption is overwhelming. We have big scale corruption. The council paid over £3m for an artificial surf reef. It doesn’t work, but our £3m has gone. There may have been a few palms greased to get that done. Then our hospital paid £5.4m to Kier Construction, arguably Britain’s […]

Is Ed Miliband a dickhead or a liar?

The joke leading Labour has claimed that Britain’s current economic problems and high levels of debt were not the fault of the last government nor of his former boss, the lying buffoon Gordon Brown. For over ten years liar Brown spent (and mostly wasted) four pounds for every three pounds the government took in tax. […]

Liar Cameron gives thieving MPs more of our money

Lying PM David “we’re all in this together” Cameron promised tough action against MPs cheating on their expenses. Well, he’s certainly taken action. Now the rules will be relaxed – MPs will be trusted to be honest about their second homes, their taxi fares and much else. They will also get more money for their […]

The new EU tax – coming soon

Our lying PM, David “we’re all in this together” Cameron, recently boasted about how he’d managed to limit the EU’s budget increase to 2.9%, even though the EU already wastes over fifty billion pounds a year. But liar Cameron didn’t talk so much about the concession made to the EU. In return for the EU […]