November 2009
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Congratulations to The Independent

Never thought I would ever have anything positive to say about the normally hoplessly verbose Independent newspaper. But this Sunday, it has had the courage and intelligence to say what most people in Britain, apart from our self-serving political and bureaucratic elites, know “It is time to say that this war is ill conceived, unwinnable […]

646 MPs – 621 crooks

Repeatedly we hear from our thieving MPs that most of them are honest and hard-working. This is a lie. When Tory MP David MacLean introduced a bill to exempt MPs’ expenses from the Freedom of Information Act, only 25 of 646 MPs voted against it. The other 621 were only too happy to prevent us […]

Let us remember the lies

On this Remembrance Sunday let us remember that Gordon Brown was a key member of the Blair government which lied to take us into the Iraq war. Then let us remember that Brown has continually lied about providing our troops proper equipment in Afghanistan, especially helicopters. Let us remember that Brown’s Ministry of Defence have […]

Watch out Sir Christopher

Rumour has it that some MPs have managed to recruit a few tame journalists to launch a campaign of vilification against Sir Christopher Kelly in order to undermine him and sink his proposals for reforms of the MPs’ expenses system. The first attack will probably come tomorrow in your Sunday papers.

Cameron the Coward cocks up again

So, Cameron the Coward has dumped his promise of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Of course, his reasoning is rationally correct – a referendum after the next election would be too late to affect Lisbon. But politically this may be a disaster – by driving voters towards UKIP, Cameron the Coward may split the […]

Chip, chip, chip, chip

Every day our MPs come up with new reasons to chip away at the proposed reforms of their expenses. Now they claim it’s an abuse of their human rights if they’re not allowed to shower their family members with our money for supposedly ‘working’. Plus, Speaker the Dishonourable John ‘Flipper’ Bercow says that it would […]

“Gordon Brown vows to fight Taliban”

This obscenity was a headline in today’s grovelling Guardian. But Gordon Brown isn’t fighting the Taliban. He is safely ensconced in Downing Street, protected by armed police and, like all his colleagues, filling his pockets with as much taxpayers’ money as they can before the next election.

Haven’t we all had enough lies from our […]

Time to give TV shows an intelligence rating

Our government is keen to put warning labels on everything from food to electrical goods. So why not TV programmes? They could be rated according to the intelligence required from the viewer. So the X-Factor could have a ‘Really dumb’ rating; BBC News an ‘Average intelligence’ score; Channel Four News an ‘Above average intelligence’ and […]

Corruption – the really inconvenient truth

Our leaders are meeting again to squeeze more money from us to fight the new bogeyman ‘Climate Change’. The plan is that we will pay ever more taxes and that our billions will be handed over to Third World governments supposedly to help them fight the effects of Global Warming.

There is a rule of […]

We are occupiers – they are freedom fighters

Why does nobody dare tell the truth? If we had been beaten by Nazi Germany in the 2nd World War and then we had Iraqi or Afghan troops invading us and patrolling our streets to supposedly rid us of Nazi dictatorship, most people would fight against them to regain our freedom.

Similarly, to most Afghanis […]