June 2021
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Some simple figures prove immigrants are bankrupting Britain

The big lie that Labour pushed on us was that immigation was good for the British economy. During Labour’s 13 years in power, about 2 million new jobs were created and around 1.77 million of these were taken by people who moved to Britain. Nobody has any idea how many hundreds of thousands of others have come to Britain to live off benefits. But does an immigrant in work actually contribute to the British economy?

Firstly there’s the problem that every job taken by an immigrant is one less job available for a Brit. So 1.77 million working immigrants means 1.77 million less jobs for us. But there’s a deeper problem, over 90% of immigrants take more from Britain than they contribute. Here are two examples:

1. A couple with three children earning £16,000 a year will get around £9,000 a year in tax credits and benefits. So we are giving them back much more than they pay in tax.

2. A single parent with one child earning about £12,000 gets £11,800 in tax credits and benefits.

In fact, a single parent with one child would have to earn £32,800 to get no state support and a couple with three children would need £39,500 to no longer qualify for state support. I would humbly suggest that the majority of immigrants earn nothing like these sums and so are being given much more by us than they contribute.

Then you have healthcare costs – about £1,600 per person per year. Education – over £10,000 per child per year. You also have to add the pressure immigration brings on many other services – policing, housing, garbage collection, road maintenance and so on. 

So it is beyond laughable to say that immigration is helping the British economy.

From next year we can expect a massive influx from Bulgaria and Romania – at least one million families over ten years will come to Benefits Britain. That will cost us more than £30bn a year – money that we don’t have. This coming horror is something our lying, self-serving, greedy, expenses-fiddling politicians don’t dare mention.

Immigration is good for MPs – it gives them cheap and highly-educated nannies, gardeners, plumbers and builders that they can pay for using our money. Moreover, MPs’ brats don’t go to schools where a minority of children have English as a first language and MPs don’t have to worry about immigration pushing up housing costs as we pay pay for their first, second, third and even fourth homes.

But for the rest of us immigration is an easily-avoidable catastrophe that is going to bankrupt Britain. The easy way to avoid this disaster is to restrict benefits and credits to people who have worked a minimum of ten years in Britain. But that would require our politicians to act in our interests and not their own.

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