September 2022
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Thank God! Blundering, incompetent, lying fools (IMHO) Tucker and Bean didn’t get BoE job

Has our Government finally made one good decision? Instead of appointing Bank of England (BoE) insiders Paul Tucker or Charles Bean to be the next governor of the BoE, we have a Canadian Mark Carney. Like most commentators, I don’t know much about Mr Carney, but I do know about the uselessness, incompetence, bungling and lies that have been the BoE’s speciality for at least the last 5 years while Tucker and the appropriately-named Mr Bean were helping the buffoon Mervyn King bankrupt Britain.

What has the BoE achieved under King, Tucker and Bean? The greatest financial crash in British history: the wrecking of our pensions and savings thanks to quantitative easing: 5 years of monthly forecasts from the BoE on inflation and growth rates – every single one of which was wrong. Then the BoE has debased our money by inventing £375 billion to buy government bonds to keep our interest rate down so international markets didn’t realise Britain is bankrupt and can never pay off the debt built up by Brown and Osborne. And, of course, the BoE was behind the hopeless ‘funding for lending’ scheme which gave £80bn of our money to our banks which they didn’t lend – they just used it to boost their profits and to lower the interest they paid on our savings as, by getting taxpayers’ money, they didn’t need our deposits.

But while ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands of us, BoE boses have done very nicely for themselves amidst all the financial chaos – King will move on with millions of our money in his pension fund (over £5m I think) and in just one year, Tucker and Bean hugely increased the amount of our money in their pension pots by over £1m each: (see diagram – figures from BoE annual accounts)

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