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Was Colorado shooting a religion of peace terror attack?

(Wednesday blog)

I hadn’t intended to write a blog today. But I changed my mind when I found out the name of the man who has been charged with shooting 10 people at a Colorado shopping mall.

Had the shooter been a white supremacist or even just a white Trump supporter, the UK mainstream media would have told us everything about him – his name, his background, his criminal record etc etc. In fact we would have been bombarded for hour after hour with ever more lurid claims that the shooting was racist and was all Trump’s fault for encouraging social division and violence.

But we haven’t had the usual anti-Trump storm of abuse and outrage from the lefty scum at the BBC and the self-righteous ignorant propagandists at C4 News. Why not? Why the silence about the shooter’s name and background?

Here are just a couple of many Tweets immediately after the shooting blaming white men as usual:

Leftist ‘journalists’ rushed to claim Boulder shooter was ‘white man,’ silent when it turned out he was a jihadi

But now we learn that the shooter was called Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, of Arvada, near Denver, but originally from Syria. Could the BBC’s and C4 News’s silence about the identity of the killer possibly be because Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa is a member of our favourite and most peaceful religion? So, instead of naming him, they just refer to him as a “21-year-old” man. Could the BBC’s and C4 News’s silence about the identity of the killer possibly be because our rulers don’t want us to realise how much the members of our favourite and most peaceful religion hate us and want to kill us? After all, we’re constantly being assured by our rulers and top cops like Cressida Dickless Dick and some guy called Basu that the greatest danger to us comes from supposed ‘right-wing’ terrorists even though a cynic might look at all the evidence and come to the conclusion that Dickless and Basu are being more than economical with the truth.

I don’t know what colour the 10 Colorado shooting victims were. But even if there were some African Americans among them, I rather doubt we’ll be seeing any Black Lives Matter protests as black lives only seem to matter when a black is killed by a whitey.

I believe this is Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa from Syria who has been charged with 10 counts of murder in Colorado:

3 comments to Was Colorado shooting a religion of peace terror attack?

  • A Thorpe

    Also interesting that the anti-Trump news has been replaced with silence about Biden’s activities.

  • Brian Ferrier

    A Mad Ali does not even sound like a Good ole Boy !

  • Mark

    Also silence about the influx of Mexicans on the border. A brief 2 mins on the news then silence in the MSM. If Trump were still in the white house it would be a different story.

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