June 2021
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Britain’s athletes were superb – Britain’s footballers were a disgrace

I think everybody has been surprised and impresed by the performance of British athletes at the 2012 Olympics. Although, they may have been good althletes, but for the press to describe them as “heroes” is an insult to anyone in our armed forces who has actually risked their lives.

The only dark cloud at the Olympics was the pathetically useless efforts (if we can call them ‘efforts’) of our overpaid, over-pampered footballers. While British athletes were hungry to win, our overpaid, over-pampered footballers couldn’t give a toss. They have so much – money, cars, slags, houses – that they can’t be bothered to make any attempt to win. They just go through the motions of pretending to look like they are playing. The only thing that is important for them is their club football as that’s where they really make money. That’s where they do make an effort.

Perhaps it’s time to scrap our international football teams – especially England’s. They don’t care, they don’t try, they couldn’t give a flying f— whether they win or lose. So let’s at least close the England football team down, take the money we spend on it and give these many millions to supporting grassroots sport in deprived areas. No more Team GB football at the Olympics and certainly no more England football team in European and World Cup competitions.

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