April 2024

Fool Osborne is ruining Britain because he is arrogant, immature, selfish and pig-ignorant

Let’s look at some very simple figures. Britain has about 4.5 million small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). If just a quarter of these took on just one extra person, unemployment would fall by 1,125,000, benefits claimants would fall by 1,125,000 and taxpayers would increase by 1,125,000. Recovery? The economy would be booming. What’s stopping this happening? Two things – corporation tax and employment law.

Corporation tax. During the Brown Boom, SMEs paid 130% more in tax, while banks and larger companies only paid about 15% more. Why? Because banks and larger companies see corporation tax as a joke they can easily avoid. So corporation tax penalizes SMEs who can create the jobs we need and helps large companies who spend most of their time firing workers to increase bosses’ bonuses. If we scrap corporation tax and replace it with a tax on all business activity in Britain – basically witholding some VAT – banks and large international companies would pay more, SMEs would pay less and SMEs would have the money to invest and grow.

Labour laws – any company employing less than fifty people should be exempt from 90% of our useless, crushing, politically-correct equality and labour laws, which prevent companies getting rid of people who are rubbish. Then SMEs would not be afraid to employ new staff. By putting all central government departments on a 4-day week, you’d generate enough money to subsidise any SME that takes on extra staff.

Over the last few days, for some reason, Daily Telegraph journalists have been claiming that Osborne is a great Chancellor and that there is no alternative to his ‘austerity’ policies. This is rubbish. Utter and total rubbish written by journalists who have never had a proper job in their lives. All that is needed is for one in four SMEs to hire one person each and we’re out of recession. How hard is that, Mr Osborne?

Oh, and say hello to loudmouthed former Osborne adviser and now boorish Tory MP Claire Perry. I tried to explain all this to her a couple of years ago when I met her at Portcullis House, but evidently she was too self-centered to listen to any opinions apart from her own!

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