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How many weeks before the rioting and looting start?

(Friday blog)

Government incompetence breaks the unwritten agreement with the people

Democratic government depends on an unwritten agreement. The people agree to obey laws and pay taxes in return for the government making a reasonable effort to provide basics like healthcare, education, national defence, utilities, roads etc etc.

At the start of the Chinese laboratory-produced Covid-19 plague, the British government seemed to be reasonably competent. People accepted the Prime Minister’s request for social distancing and the Chancellor appeared to be proactively dealing with the economic disaster caused by the country’s lockdown.

The looming problem now with the Chinese Covid-19 plague is that the public, generally speaking, have done what is asked of them and kept their side of the bargain. But people are becoming increasingly frustrated watching the complete shambles their leaders are making of managing the crisis. This will cause patience to run out very quickly.

Rioting and looting have already broken out in Southern Italy. In France, over 350,000 people have been fined for breaking the lockdown rules and the police don’t even dare go into some of the most vibrant, multi-culturally enriched suburbs of Paris, Lyon and Marseille. I suspect the same is true for many other European countries. And it won’t be long before some of the UK’s most deprived areas see the Government’s utter uselessness, question why they should have to suffer a lockdown being endlessly extended due to Government incompetence, have had enough and start to riot and loot.

What will the Government do? Relax restrictions? Or send in the army? Boris, you shouldn’t have sold off your water cannons. I think your Government’s incompetence, delays and blundering have caused such a loss of confidence that people will soon start taking the law into their own hands and tell the authorities to shove their social distancing somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine.

When will the (IMHO) useless, incompetent, worthless Yvonne Doyle be sacked?

Wednesday evening’s Downing Street press conference was pitiful. We had a virtually unknown government minister – Alok Sharma (who he?) – and a creature called Yvonne Doyle from an obscure public-sector bureaucracy called Public Health England (PHE) trying to explain away why the UK was doing less than 10% of the number of Covid-19 tests than were being done in some other countries.

Here’s the in my humble opinion (IMHO) utterly useless, incompetent and less than honest Ms Doyle at the press conference:

Yvonne Doyle is the medical director (or something like that) for PHE and with a reported salary of £257,500 a year is just one of the 242 PHE employees with six-figure salaries.

PHE seems to have been tasked by the government with organising Chinese Covid-19 plague testing and this has turned out to be a farce or a tragedy or even a fiasco.

What seems to have happened (I believe) is as follows: When given the job of organising the testing, PHE has tried to make a huge bureaucratic empire-building power grab. Instead of involving university labs and private-sector company labs in building testing capabilities, PHE appears to have made this PHE-only territory. PHE have then set about building a single large, centralised testing facility in Milton Keynes – basically every control-hungry bureaucrats’ wet dream.

Over two weeks ago, Britain’s universities provided the Department of Health with a list of their testing facilities and available staff. Many private companies did the same. But Yvonne Doyle and her over-paid, over-pensioned chums at PHE appear to have rejected all offers of help. They wanted (IMHO) to be in control of everything. Moreover, under PHE’s plans for centralised tests, it would take 24 to 48 hours for test results to be delivered whereas more smaller localised testing facilities could have delivered the results much faster.

PHE  also set up two sites for NHS employees to be tested and the tests to be sent for analysis in Milton Keynes – in IKEA Wembley and Chessington World of Adventures car park. But the PHE employees there started turning away any medical staff who didn’t have booked appointments and the correct signed paperwork. So the testers were left with virtually nothing to do while NHS staff wasted precious hours driving to and away from the testing centres which refused to test them:

The government has tried to explain away the testing catastrophe by claiming that they didn’t have sufficient reagent for the tests. But the UK chemical industry has said this was a lie. If the British chemical industry are telling the truth, this would suggest (IMHO) that Michael Gove and Alok Sharma are liars.

Basically, the whole thing has been a total bureaucratic cluster-f*ck. Faced with public fury and a tsunami of outraged criticism from the media, the Government has just realised what a total cluster-f*ck Yvonne Doyle and PHE have made of testing and yesterday did a complete reverse ferret by bypassing the incompetent, bureaucratic, power-grabbing assholes at PHE and inviting university and private-sector labs to assist with testing.

Yvonne Doyle and the other (IMHO) useless, incompetent, paper-shuffling scumbags at PHE should be fired. Having never done a real day’s work in their lives, they clearly couldn’t organise a proverbial piss-up in a brewery. But, of course, they won’t be fired. Instead they’ll probably all get gongs and seats in the Lords.

I wonder how many people have died because of the stunning incompetence of Yvonne Doyle and PHE?

However, professional parasitic bureaucrats like Yvonne Doyle and the other PHE bosses (in my humble opinion) don’t give a damn about how many deaths there are. All they care about are their own lousy careers and salaries and pensions.

11 comments to How many weeks before the rioting and looting start?

  • david brown

    Yvonne Doyle will no doubt contribute to our having a higher death rate re coronavirus than Germany. They have a larger population out of 85,000 confirmed cases Germany had aprox 1,100 deaths. Contrast we have had so far 33,700 confirmed cases out of which some 2,920 have died.
    What has Germany done to have a much lower death rate than the UK?
    As for Italy and Spain how are they recording fatalities . We know almost all, as in close on 99% of those who succumbed in Italy had other major health complications. Does the Italian health service have a motive in listing a high mortality rate such as EU grant money?

  • twi5ted

    Germany have Roche so involved the private sector. I remember watching Trump couple of weeks ago line up the private testing companies in his daily press briefing. But mention of private sector is of course a sackable offence in the marxist run uk health sector.

    Can you imagine asking PHE to organise anything. It would take them weeks to complete the risk assessments, diversity audits and health and safety reviews before taking any action. There is probably an advert for £250k diversity director for new testing centre in milton keynes in the guardian today.

    Is it me or is the world starting to look like the marxist wet dream that the climate change bullshit was meant to induce. The government sponsored state religion represented by posh connected nutters xr who dreamed of ending capitalism.

  • Stillreading

    Excellent blog, saying exactly what ever more of us are thinking. As someone with family members working at the coal face in the NHS (i.e. Indians who see patients, not Chiefs sheltered in offices!) with inadequate protective gear and no accessibility to testing, I am enraged at the level of Governmental incompetence. There is no testing site further South than World of Adventures at Chessington, the one whose most notable achievement on Tuesday was turning away NHS staff because they didn’t have the desired bit of paper. This means that NHS staff from as far away as Sussex and Hampshire who DO fit the eligibility criteria and can find some jobsworth to sign on the dotted line, then have to make a return drive of up to 100 miles or in some cases even more from where they live and work. Why can’t a testing site be established in the car park of every District General Hospital, so that staff members who think they may be developing covid-19 can be tested at their place of work? The same level of incompetence evidently pertains with regard to financial assistance under the Government Loan Scheme for the self-employed and small businesses. No great surprise there I suppose, since discretion on lending is residing with the Banks and we’ve all learned long since not to expect any assistance, commercial understanding, even less sheer human compassion from that quarter! I could scarcely believe the ignorance of the real world of banking in 2020 demonstrated by the Chancellor last week when at the daily press conference he indicated that people needing emergency business loans needed merely to “go into the bank and speak to their Manager”. Evidently he’s still living in the age of Dad’s Army and Mr Mainwaring! Irrespective of how lethal in overall terms we individually believe this Chinese plague to be – and it undeniably IS killing erstwhile healthy, younger people as well as thousands of older people with pre-existing morbidities – at the moment we are in the main, being a law-abiding nation, doing what the Government is asking us to do, at great personal inconvenience and sadness. It is appalling to hear of both old and young people dying alone, being unable to spend their final hours with the people they love and who love them because visitors are excluded from hospitals. In return for our financial and personal sacrifices we expect our Government to step up and at the moment it is failing abysmally. When actual hunger and homelessness begin to kick in, even good old British tolerance will fail. (Never forgetting that we have extensive urban conurbations now whose populations derive from very different cultural backgrounds, with very different attitudes with regard to Law and Order.)

  • A Thorpe

    Hancock was completely unconvincing last night on QT. There was confusion about the tests and he wants to do two – a swab test to confirm whether people have it and a blood test to check if people have had it. He admitted that they don’t have a reliable blood test kit. He had no evidence to support his claim that he can increase the testing to 100,000 a day and was vague about whether this was both tests. Has anybody done the maths on the time it will take to test everybody with a population of about 68 million? Even Diane Abbott can do that. I have also read several sources that say the swab test is useless. It is apparently a PCR test and only tests for a coronavirus and not a specific type and it does not measure the viral load which is important.

    The method of determining the causes of death and the statistics seem to be a complete shambles as far as using them to make decisions. So far the total deaths per week from all causes does not show the impact of the deaths from this virus, but that could change. People are dying with the virus and not because of the virus.

    The Spanish flu killed the young and therefore that had a big impact on the future workforce. This is mainly killing the elderly and sick and trying to save them seems pointless. Deaths of the young will have a huge negative effect on the economy, but deaths of the elderly could have a positive effect. A subject we cannot discuss. Government shutdown of the economy must be the worst action possible.

    One expert claimed that the risk of any person acquiring the virus dying with a few weeks, no matter what age or state of heath, was the same as the risk of the person dying by the end of the year. We will not know until it is over but I can say with 100% certainty that the government will claim their policy was the correct one.

    I also read that the Spanish flu came in several waves and the deaths happened within a week of each outbreak. This virus is nothing like that and surely it tells us we are not going to get the same number of deaths.

  • chris

    Seems like the plan is working, Boris is about to cancel Brexit. Will Trump survive?

  • david brown

    this is an interesting link
    Why so few coronavirus case in Africa ?

  • David Craig

    Your link didn’t work. But if readers go to your link and then click on “Articles”, they’ll find the article your refer to.

  • Stillreading

    Thanks for the link david brown. It supports what I already suspected, based on the apparent ethnicity of doctors and nurses and others (including a 13 year old boy) who have died from covid-19. Having Group A blood, the 2nd most common in the population (after group O) is beginning to be suspected by medical professionals as a factor in severe reaction to the virus. So much we still don’t know. The Heir to the Throne, the PM and several members of his crew evidently haven’t suffered unduly.

  • A Thorpe

    I have seen reports that claim air pollution in northern Italy and China might be a big factor in the high number of deaths. Africa does not have the industry. In the case of Africa inadequate reporting of cases and deaths might also be a factor. We are unlikely to know the truth for many months. Boris is isolating again. Does this mean we do not get immunity, or is he pulling a sickie?

  • Philip

    I give it a month before a sizable section of the public disregard Government directives and revert to type. Then what?

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