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The Coronavirus death rate – is it a mere 2% or nearer 20%?

(Friday/weekend blog)

What percent are really dying?

Yesterday’s Coronavirus figures from the lying corrupt lying corrupt rotten untrustworthy Chinese were as follows:

  • Confirmed cases – 45,206
  • Suspected cases – 16,067
  • Severe cases – 8,204
  • Deaths – 1,118
  • Recovered – 5,123

From the little I understand, we’re being told that the death rate for this virus (which was probably manufactured in Dr Peng Zhou’s laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology based on bio-engineering a virus sample that originally came from a Canadian research facility) is around 2.5% – that’s 1,1118 deaths from 45,206 I think (or it may be 1,1118 deaths divided by the total confirmed and suspected cases which comes out at around 1.8%).

But that doesn’t make any sense to me as we don’t know how many more of the 45,206 confirmed and 16,067 suspected cases will die. Plus we have the 8,204 severe cases – presumably a few of them will pop their chopsticks in the very near future as many will be interned to rot under armed guard in China’s new isolation gulags (which our mainstream media optimistically call “hospitals”) with little to no medical care.

Surely, the most relevant statistic is to look at the numbers who have been through infection and either survived or died? If you do this you have 6,241 (1,118 died + 5,123 survived) who have either died or survived. If you then calculate the percentage who have been through the illness and died, this comes to about 17.9% (1,118 deaths divided by 6,241 completed cases).

I’m no mathematical genius, but it seems to me that this death rate of around 17.9% is slightly higher than the official death rate usually quoted by the ‘experts’ of somewhere around 2%. Though I would expect the death rate in China to be much higher than in any other country as:

  • the Chinese healthcare system is totally overwhelmed
  • many suspected cases are just being sent home with no medical treatment
  • other suspected cases are being thrown into newly-built isolation gulags to rot and die

Time for a holiday in Europe?

Now, just imagine for a moment what you would do if you were a reasonably affluent corrupt, rotten Chinaman:

Would you stay in filthy, dirty, disease-ridden, corrupt Communist China and risk yourself, a member of your family or your ‘second wife’ getting the virus and thus a possible death sentence? Or would you decide now was an excellent time to take an extended couple of months ‘holiday’ in Europe or Australia or New Zealand because:

  • you’d be much less likely to get the virus
  • if you did get the virus, you’d get much better medical care (free of charge) outside corrupt, rotten China – you wouldn’t be thrown into an isolation gulag and left to rot and die

I rather suspect many corrupt, rotten Chinese have worked this out and are packing their bags and heading for the airport and safety.

Meanwhile, if you check flight arrivals at Heathrow today, you’ll see there are still plenty coming from China – I think there are around 19 scheduled arrivals from China this week. I rather suspect that flights out of dirty, corrupt, pestilential China are extremely full at the moment while flights back to China are rather empty.

With thousands of Chinese (some of whom may be carrying the virus) rushing out of their filthy sh-t-hole country to avoid the new plague, that they have inflicted on the world, and with Western governments allowing their planes to land, what could possibly go wrong?

Oh, I almost forgot, happy Valentines Day

(By the way, there are some great comments on my last blog featuring the Tony Heller debunking the latest climate alarmism. You can read the comments by clicking on the headline)

6 comments to The Coronavirus death rate – is it a mere 2% or nearer 20%?

  • twi5ted

    To speculate but is the corona strain just a cover story for something far more sinister unleashed from a chemical weapons lab. Nobody is saying about race and whether ethnic chinese are more susceptible although based on all the healthy westerners skyping into the bbc to discuss their experience inside china one does wonder where the true risks lie. Does seem to have knocked the hong kong protests on the head though so quite useful for their leaders.

  • William Boreham

    I make no apologies for commenting on a different subject, but it could well effect the future of sites like Snouts and we who freely comment on various topics that could well become illegal, indeed, impossible to expose.
    From a Freedom Site:

    “The United Kingdom has become the first Western nation to move ahead with large-scale censorship of the internet, effectively creating regulation that will limit freedom on the last frontier of digital liberty. In a move that has the nation reeling, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has unveiled rules that will punish internet companies with fines, and even imprisonment, if they fail to protect users from “harmful and illegal content.”
    Couched in language that suggests this is being done to protect children from pedophiles and vulnerable people from cyberbullying, the proposals will place a massive burden on small companies. Further, they will ultimately make it impossible for those not of the pervasive politically correct ideology to produce and share content.
    The new guardian of the internet will be the Office of Communications (known as Ofcom), a government-approved body that already regulates television, radio, broadcasting, and even the postal service. This group has been accused on many occasions of “acting as the moral arbiter” for the nation, and perhaps unsurprisingly, tends towards a very left-leaning position.
    Speaking to, Matthew Lesh, the head of research at The Adam Smith Institute, warned:“Make no mistake: free speech is under threat. The Government is proposing the most censorious online speech regime in the Western world. We must not be fooled by platitudes about freedom of expression. The inevitably woke bureaucrats in Ofcom will be deciding what sort of speech is and is not allowed across much of the internet. They will have extraordinary discretion to decide who to target and what is harmful.This is a recipe for disaster for anyone that thinks differently to the Notting Hill set — any correct but unpopular opinions will not just come under attack from the Twitterati, but the law itself.”
    Ofcom has a new boss in place to go along with the new powers: Dame Melanie Dawes. Dawes has been a career civil servant for her entire working life and was most recently the Civil Service Gender and Diversity Champion from 2015 to 2019.
    Among the sweeping and censorious powers awarded to Ofcom are:
    • The ability to create guidelines that instruct content-hosting companies (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) on how to manage online censorship of “user-generated content.”
    • Create rules for content that is “not illegal but has the potential to cause harm.”
    • To have the remit for deciding, writing up, and adapting rules on how internet regulation works.
    Not only is the government mandating an outside body to orchestrate the regulation of the internet, but they are also handing over the power to decide exactly what should be censored. Boris Johnson, formerly considered the darling of liberty for his backing of Brexit, appears to have handed over control of who may speak and what may be said online to an organization that prides itself on its ability to clamp down on speech it considers fringe.
    The nation’s newspapers are owned by a small group of people and companies. Many of the major television and radio stations are under charter with the U.K. government. Book publishing companies are too afraid to publish a single word that goes against the progressive orthodoxy. The ability to congregate and hold rallies is tightly controlled by government bodies. And now, the last realm of freedom, the last place in which like-minded souls can exchange ideas, learn, and express themselves to their fullest is about to fall under the Orwellian control of an agency that will not even be accountable to the government itself.

    The Ministry of Truth is here.”

  • Stillreading

    I doubt the Chinese authorities themselves know how many people are ill and how many have died. I heard an evidently educated Chinese woman on radio about a week ago telling how her own father died on his way to one of the “hospitals” but was not included in the statistics because he hadn’t been formally diagnosed. The fact is that, cities such as Beijing excepted, China is a filthy place. Its rural and peasant populations exist in Medieval conditions, literally spreading and wading through their own raw bodily waste, aka “fertilizer”. Members of my family who have worked alongside Chinese in academic institutions tell me that some are evidently unfamiliar with the use of a handkerchief or a tissue, thereby escalating the transmission of any droplet-spread infection. Anyone who saw TV footage recently can have no doubt of the true purpose of the hastily constructed “hospitals”. They are internment centres, barred windows and all, designed to incarcerate rather than treat the unfortunate ill. We’ll probably never know how this virus started, whether a mutation from existing bird flu or by more sinister, deliberate or accidental, means. The fact is that it’s always been merely a matter of time before the arrival of a virus with the potential to create a pandemic on the scale of the post WW1 flu outbreak. We can only be thankful that as far as we know at the moment, the coronavirus is nowhere near as lethal as was the 1918 virus, which appears literally to have liquified the lungs and other internal organs of its victims. I do think the media are rather enjoying creating something approaching panic in those of a naturally apprehensive disposition.

  • leila

    @ William As another blogger stated, Boris is May on steroids. We have been had once again. Brave (IN browser) and Bitchute maybe our saviour. Many US right or pro Trump commentators/ videos are already on Bitchute.

  • A Thorpe

    I agree with William. Freedom of speech must come above everything else. The latest development is worrying. If we are silenced then governments can do what they want. Stillreading points to the creation of yet another panic. We should remember what H L Mencken said “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

  • JR Richmond

    Boris may well censor this, but the far greater danger is succumbing to the psyop of an imaginary plague with a death rate below seasonal flue. This is an extension of the CIA coup of 911 demonstrating their(NWO) determination to commit any heinous act to subject the human race to slavery and death. If you can reconnect your mind to the fact that these spiritual invaders are evil aliens far worse than any hollywood cabal could imagine. If you don’t, then the monolithe in Georgia will be your tombstone. Jesus Is Lord!
    Their devil lies always sound so good to simple man, but their end is death. JR

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