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It wasn’t Jean-Pierre wot did it! It was Mo…………….

(Monday  blog)

Perhaps I just haven’t been paying attention? But it seems to me that there has been very little news coverage of the aftermath of the Friday 24 May 2019 Lyon bomb attack. By ‘aftermath’, I mean – who was responsible, have they been arrested, have they been charged?

Had the bomber been a white supremacist, the West-hating scumbags at the BBC and C4 News would have spent every day since the attack reporting on the supposed “rise of right-wing fascism” and the “atmosphere of hatred”. And the mainstream media would have blamed Marine Le Pen and Nigel Farage and, of course, Donald Trump for their supposedly “divisive politics“.

But we’ve had none of that. Ergo, the attack wasn’t carried out by a right-winger.

In fact, the main suspect in the Friday 24 May Lyon parcel bombing attack has been identified as Mohamed Hichem M. Can you imagine my surprise when I learnt that the suspected bomber was called ‘Mohamed’? You could have knocked me down with a feather. Not.

Mohamed is a 24-year-old Algerian IT student who I think arrived in France in 2017 on a tourist visa. Mohamed was arrested on May 27 and has now been charged with attempted murder, criminal terrorist conspiracy and manufacturing, possessing and carrying an explosive device in relation with a terrorist undertaking.

Lots of wonderful Jihadi material was found on student Mohamed’s computer.

In late March 2019, Mohamed  bought the explosive triacetone and steel ball bearings, before purchasing electric wiring in early April. He bought a remote control device and batteries two weeks later in May. Apparently those who sold these items to Mohamed saw nothing suspicious in a gentleman of Arab heritage buying explosives, ball bearings and a remote control device. And clearly the French immigration authorities would never dream of wondering how an IT student from a sh*t-hole country like Algeria could afford to live in France for two years on a tourist visa.

However, if you regularly watched BBC News and C4 News, you probably wouldn’t know anything about Mohamed the Lyon bomber and his explosives. As far as I’m aware, neither the BBC nor C4 News felt it worth reporting that the Lyon bomber was called ‘Mohamed’. And there certainly haven’t been any media investigations into why people from the Religion of Loveliness keep trying to slaughter innocents in the name of their religion.

I wonder why not?

5 comments to It wasn’t Jean-Pierre wot did it! It was Mo…………….

  • ItsAllOverNow

    A peek into the future of the UK ,Europe and America, lap it up libs.

    Lessons for America

    If Latin America says anything about America’s future, it is that it will be racialized and brutal. All across the Americas, as the percentage of Whites declines, societies become bleaker and more dysfunctional. Nations where Whites are a small minority usually become dystopias characterized by tiny islands of gated affluence surrounded by overwhelming amounts of Brown and Black poverty and crime.

    But this is not the only lesson. Latin America has also demonstrated that race is centrally important in elections, especially as Whites approach and become a minority. These racial divisions persist despite the presence of a large mixed-race population that is less receptive to explicitly race-based appeals than populations in other nations that are more genetically distinct (such as the United States).

  • ItsAllOverNow

    The Bilderbergders are meeting now, plotting how to finish off Europe and the UK once and for all, the job is already half done..

  • William Boreham

    Frankly, I’m a bit puzzled as to why there are not more terrorist incidents here in Britain considering we have welcomed millions into this country that worship a creed that commands them to kill we infidels. Infidels in this instance meaning those of us living in this country who are civilised, cultured, and educated with an IQ of over a 100. Maybe they simply know that they will win in the long run without a war as we indigenous English have stopped producing children and are actually paying the Muslim community to make up the shortfall.


    Paul Weston on youtube has videos such as why the British police bow to Islam.
    He emaild and called news descTimes/ Telegraph / The Sun/ Dail Mail about a suspect militant Muslim working for the Met police. None of the papers where interested.
    Cressida Dick Britians most senior police office has assessors veting and checking men seeking to join The Metrpolitan Police. The assessors are Muslim.

  • heehaha

    Wot no comments HAHAHA

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